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My Dears
            Tears express pain, agony and lonliness. Tears can express joy too. In totality, tears express our various emotions. Tears, well spent, removes the clouds of our mind, like the blue sky after a good rain. It allows the sun, which is our intellect, to peep through into life again. Once the tears are well spent, it is time to be real. After the rain, the sun must shine again. This is the law of nature. Sun has always been there. But, while the clouds of emotions obscured them, it remained invisible. Just be aware of that.
When has an avatar left us? Has Lord Krishna existed from our plane of existence? He is very much here. Have Jesus, Buddha or Rama left us? Physical form has only represented expressions or experiences. It is temporary and situational. The truth that they conveyed is eternal. It is imperishable. This is the truth of our existence and this is the truth that we must know. Their religion has been Love. Teachings have been the same. Expressions were different, because the society they addressed had been different. Mostly, their own life was their teaching, more than verbal or literary teachings. This is also why, sometimes they and their teachings are mis-interpreted or mis-represented. So, no incarnation and none of their teachings have left our plane of existence. This is a fundamental truth.
All Gurus are one. All masters are one. All appeared for a clear dharmic purpose of leading people towards liberation. All came to bring light into ignorance and associated darkness. All lived for the sake of others. For them, life and death are insignificant. Criticism or applause are insignificant. Out of many flowers that bloom in the tree of existence, some becomes fruits. Every flower will not become fruit. Only some walks the path till the end. Many fall off, during their journey of life. Gurus are compassionate. They allow the rise and fall disciples. They never impose anything. They allow their nature to express freely. Gurus continue to show light, whether they are in their body or not. The eternal principle of Guru (Guru Tattwa) eternally flows.
Mind stuck in the past means agony in the present. Mind must travel with time, the present time. Mind must remain in the present and intellect should remain free and available. When intellect is locked up, tragedies happen in life. When emotions rule, tragedies take place. It is important to keep the mind with the body, in the present.
All those who existed with us in the past has added value to our existence. We must be grateful towards them. Especially so, if it is an Avatar. An Avatar is eternal. It has no birth or death. It’s existence is purpose bound. The best way to connect to an Avatar is to connect to His/Her teachings, consume it slowly, digest it properly and LIVE IT truthfully. A sadguru needs nothing from anyone. If their teachings are useful to generations, they are pleased. if they are not useful or understood, they are not sad. Everything is fine for a sadguru. They are never bound by their own image.
Look at your past and all the people of past, including all those whom you considered as your Gurus, with gratitude and reverance. Remain in the present. Act in the present. Love those around you today and enjoy their presence in your life. Companionships are often temporary, just like relationships. Do not lose your present. Cherish your present. Enjoy every bit of it. Be grateful for every moment. Be grateful for everything. Do not lose focus on the present, including its people, by lingering in the past. All you have for yourself is your NOW.
The sun must continue to shine. When sun fails, the earth and all its beings perish. When nature revolts, destruction happens. When our individual nature revolts, emotions wreak havoc and destruction happens in our individual life. We are well connected to nature. We are reflecting the nature.
Think of the past with gratitude and not regret or guilt. Accept the present with gratitude. Act in the present using intellect. Honor the sadgurus of the past and present and LIVE their teachings. Then, their time on earth becomes worthwhile. No sadguru has left us. They live through their teachings. They live through those who lives their teachings.
Gratitude…thats all you need. If you connect to their consciousness, through their teachings, you arrive at the hands of GOD.
Love YOU

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Allah ke Bande with English translation

One of my favourite songs:

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Help Dhanya

Dear friends,

Please note the below appeal from the President of Ammucare India:

“Little Dhanya, two and half years old twin daughter of Ms. Maheswari and Mr. Shanmugha Kumar, needs your help. She was born deaf and thus never learned to speak. Her twin brother Dhanush, was able to hear when he was born, but had to undergo surgery to correct his defective speech. He did so a few months back at Medical College Hospital, Alapuzha, and has to attend speech and is fast progressing as the training continues.

However, about his twin sister Dhanya , Dr. Muhammed Noushad, Senior Consultant and Cochlear Implant Surgeon of Dr. Noushad’s E.N.T. Hospital and Research Centre, Cochin, certified on August 04, 2010:

“… Dhanya is diagnosed as having bilateral profound SN Loss. She has to undergo Cochlear Implant Surgery for restoration of hearing and speech. The total cost of surgery and implant will come around Rs. 650,000 IRS.”

This is the cheapest possible option for little Dhanya’s surgery – Mr. Shanmugha Kumar (her father) says that the cost of surgery at the Government Medical College Hospital in Calicut , will be around Rs. 750,000 INR, and is even higher in some other institutions which have facility to do this surgery.

The delay in surgery will, surely, tell upon the results achieved. The Kumar family is economically weak and cannot afford to meet the huge expenses in connection with the treatment advised, from the meager income earned. He appeals to all the kind-hearted to help his poor child to come to the world of normal children.







Mobile: (+91) 09400140438, 09947558044.

 Your contributions may be sent to:

Ammucare Charitable Trust – Bank account:

State Bank of India ,

Palakkad – 0893,

English Church Road , Palakkad – 678001. Kerala.

SB Acount No. 10620047858. (IFS Code: SBIN0000893)

Please intimate Ammucare HO (ammucare@gmail.com) your full address, the account number and address of the bank through which the donation is made, and the purpose for which it is meant whenever you make any contribution to ACT.

Indian nationals working abroad may send their contributions from their NRE accounts in India under intimation to us as given above. We are not permitted by the Government to receive foreign funds.

For the instructions on how to send the funds from abroad, please contact me on ammucare@gmail.com or via telephone.

With regards,



Ammucare Charitable Trust.

Cell phone: +91 9400545949, Land phone: +91 491 2545949”


Reference: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Ammucare/174603109234252


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Who is a Rishi?

From Vedic-Wisdom Yahoo group, Written by PVR Narasimha Rao

Being a rishi is different from getting moksha. Let me elaborate using the same metaphor of acting in a drama.

A lot of actors (people) in a drama (samsara, i.e. world) take the drama too seriously, do not like what happens in the scene they act and try to change the script to enhance their role or make it look better. They do not realize that the director (supreme power running the universe) picked characters and scenes based on how one acted before (previous lives) and what suits one. They complain endlessly, not realizing the futility.

When people’s scenes end, they are sent out of the drama room (death). Being used to the drama so much, they want to come back and the director finds another role for them (rebirth).

When their scenes end, some people realize that it is just a drama and not real. They leave without any regret or a desire to come back. They do not act again (no rebirth) and they are free from the drama (moksha).

Some people realize while acting in their scene (when still alive) that it is just a drama and not real (jeevanmukti, liberation while alive). They go through the motions, finish their scene and leave the drama (leave body). They do not act after that (no rebirth) and they are free from the drama.

Now, there are some special people (rishis) who realize that the drama is not real and stop taking it seriously and yet are at the disposal of director *forever*. They never leave the drama and do whatever director wants them to do, without complaining and without any attitude. It is also because they understand the director fully and are in sync with the director.

They are free in the sense that they are not taking the drama seriously like other actors (unliberated people) and yet they have not left the drama (like liberated people)!

For them, there is no difference between Shiva (or Purusha) and Shakti (or Prakriti), i.e. non-dual Self and the field of duality are one and the same for them. They can act in the field of duality using an individualized consciousness and yet not trapped because they are in oneness with the non-dual Self at the same time. Rishis have perfect control over the field of duality, but the word “control” is not in an egoistic sense here. They have no ego. In terms of the metaphor, they are the trusted assistants of the director who are in perfect sync with the director and are fully empowered to do anything they want to do with the drama.

Thus, being a rishi is different from moksha.


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The Man Who Doesn’t Ask for Money | OPEN Magazine

The Man Who Doesn’t Ask for Money | OPEN Magazine.

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Samavedam chanting – Brainmovie


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Purify food through Balivaishwa and Pranagnihotra yagna

Balivaishwa Yagna

Balivaiswa has been considered important ever since the ancient days when the procedures of yagna came into being. Param pujya Gurudev Pt. ShriRam Sharma Acharya propagated Balivaiswa along with yagna. This is a simple process but very effective.

The five ahutis in Balivaiswa have been described as Panchamahayagna by Param Pujya Gurudev. One should understand why the prefix of ‘Maha’ has been given by Gurudev for such a simple process. Offering ahutis to Brahma, Devata and Rishi mentioned in Pachamaha yagnas is not to appease them by offering food. Instead, we should strive to imbibe the noble qualities that are symbolized by these Divine beings. We should invest our time and resources in developing the divine qualities.
1.    Brahma Yagna : Inspires us towards Brahma Jnana or Atma Jnana. It symbolizes the give-take processes between the Jeevatma (Individual) and Paramatma (Almighty)      .

2.    Deva Yagna: The objective of Deva yagna is to accelerate the process of evolving from animal instincts towards human beings. One should mould their Guna (characteristics)-karma (actions)-swabhava (inherent nature) according to Divine principles. Purity and generosity should be imbibed.

3.    Rishi Yagna: The main principle behind Rishi yagna is to uplift the downtrodden. This involves the penance to enhance nobility and good-naturedness. One should derive inspiration from the ancient rishis and sages and imbibe their noble ideals.      

4.    Nara Yagna: The meaning of Nara yagna is to create an atmosphere in the society which reflects the glory of human nature. One should maintain the dignity of human life and abide by the rules set for a man’s behavior. He should strive to evolve from human to Divine state (Nara to narayana). He should live like a global citizen and develop an all-encompassing nature towards other beings.

5.    Bhoota Yagna: The emotion behind Bhoota yagna is to extend one’s sympathy and feelings towards other lower beings as well. One should strive for even maintaining the flora and fauna inhabiting this planet. 

The first morsel of cooked food should be offered to fire along with jaggery and ghee with the following mantras being chanted

Om bhur bhuvah swah tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat | swaha idam brahmane idam na mama||

Om bhur bhuvah swah tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat | swaha idam devebhyah idam na mama||

Om bhur bhuvah swah tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat | swaha idam rishibhyah idam na mama||

Om bhur bhuvah swah tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat | swaha idam narebhyah idam na mama||

Om bhur bhuvah swah tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat | swaha idam bhutebhyah idam na mama||

Pranagnihotra Yagna

Vedic scriptures describe our body to comprise of five tatvas, namely prithvi, jala, agni, vayu and akasha (Earth, water, fire, air and space). Hence body is also known by the name Panchabhautik sharer. The air that we breathe (pranayama with 7 vyahrutis) in conjunction with the food that is partaken with the mantra of swaha transforms into divine energy and creates favorable conditions for upasana, sadhana and aradhana of the sadhaks. When we eat food with this awareness and with this procedure, it becomes yagna. Mudras or the positions of fingers play an important role when we eat food in this manner. When we eat food with the associated mudras, the food is accepted by the respective divine energies who will in return bestow us with complete health.

1st step – Bhushuddhi : cleanse the area where you plan to eat food by sprinkling water along with chanting of Gayatri mantra.

2nd step – Dehashuddi: Clean your hands and legs before you eat. Perform moolabandha 7 times before commencing eating. This will help easy digestion of food.

1. Prana Ahuti

Mudra – Join the thumb, index and middle fingers

Take few grains of rice with ghee with your hand in the above mudra.

Meditate on: Color – Golden color; Rishi- Kshudagni; Devata – Sun; Chandas – Gayatri

Chant ‘Om pranaya swaha’ and put the rice in your mouth (preferably without touching the lips. Utter ‘idam aadi devaya na mama’. Lord savita accepts this ahuti and bestows us varchas. Our body will get tuned for doing Gayatri mantra japa. Good appetite is created. Anahata (Heart) chakra is activated.

2.     Apana Ahuti

Mudra – Join the thumb, middle and ring fingers

Take few grains of rice with ghee with your hand in the above mudra.

Meditate on: Color – milky white; Rishi- Shraddhagni; Devata – Soma; Chandas – Ushnik

Chant ‘Om apanaya swaha’ and put the rice in your mouth (preferably without touching the lips. Utter ‘idam somaya na mama’. Lord Soma or Moon accepts this ahuti. When pranashakti merges with Moon, we should feel that it is getting transformed into peace and health. Mooladhara (Base) chakra is activated.

3. Vyana Ahuti

Mudra – Join the thumb, ring and little fingers

Take few grains of rice with ghee with your hand in the above mudra.

Meditate on: Color – Lotus color; Rishi- Hutashanagni; Devata – agni; Chandas – Anushtup

Chant ‘Om vyanaya swaha’ and put the rice in your mouth (preferably without touching the lips. Utter ‘idam agnaye na mama’. The food received in Vyana mudra influences the Swadhistana chakra. The energy flows from navel to the toe and protects us from any diseases related to these body parts.

4. Udana Ahuti

Mudra – Join the thumb, little and index fingers

Take few grains of rice with ghee with your hand in the above mudra.

Meditate on: Color – Arudra; Rishi- Agni; Devata – Vayu; Chandas – Brihati

Chant ‘Om udanaya swaha’ and put the rice in your mouth (preferably without touching the lips. Utter ‘idam vayuve na mama’. This mudra affects vishuddhi chakra. The food along with mantra shakti works from throat to head upwards and gives good voice.

5.  Samana Ahuti

Mudra – Join the tips of all the five fingers

Take few grains of rice with ghee with your hand in the above mudra.

Meditate on: Color – Red; Rishi- Agni; Devata – Parjanya; Chandas – Pankti

Chant ‘Om samanaya swaha’ and put the rice in your mouth (preferably without touching the lips. Utter ‘idam parjanyaya na mama’. This ahuti activates the manipuraka chakra because of which the entire region from the heart to navel remains healthy. This also ensures good breathing process.

By following the rules given above and eating food as per the procedure given ensures that you enjoy a healthy and peaceful life. This procedure targeted for your spiritual progress also transforms you into Divine Man. This is what has been described as the true Brahmanism by Param Pujya Gurudev.


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