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Dreaming in Real Time…The Shanthi Shanthi story

This is the title of the book I just finished and I should say its one amazing read and I finished it in 2 reading sessions. Its about a mother's story of her daughters' incredible gift for Sanskrit. The family is incredibly blessed with visions and experiences of divine intervention when they needed it the most. The author's daughters Andrea and Sara show an uncommon penchant for Sanskrit when they are about 9 years and surprisingly comfortable with very complex verses in sacred texts.

The book also mentions some very uncommon occurences(for us to comprehend in our daily lives). In one instance when Linda Forman(the author) is meditating at a meditation retreat, she finds herself 9 feet away from where she initially sat. In the words of others who were sitting with her, she was literally FLYING! She closes her eyes to meditate again and there she finds herself back to her original position and everyone sees her flying through air. In another incident she has several visions and omens during the birth of her son. The family experiences innumerable hardships but each ordeal only made them only stronger and in fact was a blessing.

This is a definite must read for someone even slightly inclined towards spirituality or Sanathana Dharma. Reading this has only increased my resolve to learn Sanskrit in an organized way.

P.S. The sisters chant Sanskrit as a part of a pop band and they call themselves Shanti Shanti. Check them out at



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