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Removing emotional ama

I am currently reading “Wisdom of healing” by Dr.David Simon and came across this wonderful chapter of reducing emotional ama(toxins) that I couldnt stop myself from blogging about this. Ayurveda mentions the presence of ama – toxins at the phyiscal and emotional level (probably I should write another blog about this sometime later).  As Dr.Simon says dealing effectively with emotions requires knowledge and practice. He prescribes seven steps which I feel are extremely difficult to follow but at the same time extremely rewarding from a s spiritual perspective for a seeker.

  • Identify the emotion: When we experience emotional wounds we often tend to deny and defend against the hurt. If we do not fully embrace the pain at the time of the encounter, we tend to store it in our emotional body where it continues to fester. This interferes with out ability to live fully in the present, and each moment may be filled with anxiety or fear as we tend to relate to a non-existant problem with the ama stored as a result of our old pattern of behavior.
  • Witness the feeling in the body: Being fully present with the emotions that are experienced without resistance, while witnessing the physical sensations in the body, enables mind and body to shed the burden of carrying the toxins born of past hurts.
  • Take responsibility: At every moment of our existene we choose either to extract nourishment or to store toxicity with the environment.  We are each responsible for our own feelings. As Roosevelt once said “No one can make feel bad without your consent”. To help take responsibility we can review the following affirmations.
    •  I do not blame anyone for my situation, for I understand everyone is doing his best from his level of consciousness.
    • I do not blame myself for my situation, for I understand that I am always doing my best frommy level of consciousness.
    • When I become upset or frustrated by a person or situation, I realize that I am not reacting to the person or situation but to my own feelings about the person or situation.
    • I recognize that my feelings about any situation, circumstance, person, or thing are my responsibility and that I have the ability to respond creatively to any challenge.
    •  Express the emotion in private: Use words to express the subtle sensations in your chest gut or head in private. Allow the words to serve as a conduit to release the emotional toxicity.
  •  Relase the emotion: This is generally done through some ritual like walking, running or some breathing exercise. Acknowledge the release of this emotion as you are doing this activity.
  • Share: Share the emotion with a close confidant or better still with God. Talk to him in your mind.
  • Rejuvenate: Do something nice for yourself. Get a massage, listen to music and be rewarded sometimes.

And the best line from the concluding paragraph was “Shifting your awareness from object referral to self referral is the basis of liberation”.


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