Body Intelligence Techniques (BITS)

Continuing with Dr.Simon’s book on “The Wisdom of Healing”, there is another useful technique that can be (should be) followed while eating. The various points are detailed as follows:

  1. Eat in a settled environment: If you are in a chaotic surroundings, you are a metabolizing the chaos along with your food. Try not to be watching a violent television shows while eating dinner. Enjoy your meals in silence or with people you love.
  2. Never eat when upset: A wounded heart releases poweerful emotional chemicals that are released which do not contribute to optimal digestion. Wait until you have settled down a bit, listen to your appetite, and then use food to fill your metabolic, not your emotional needs.
  3. Always sit down to eat: If you cant eat with your full attention on your food, wait until you can.
  4. Eat only when you feel hungry: Think of your appetite as a fuel guage with zero being empty and ten being full, wait until when you are are a siz or seven.  This means eat when you are really hungry and stop when you are comfortably full. If we eat consciously, we cannot miss the signals that a healthy physiology provides.
  5. Reduce ice-cold food and drink: Ice tends to numb our taste buds.  It is only best to do so when our digestive power is at its strongest that is during the noon meal.
  6. Eat at a moderate pace: When you eat with awarenes the pace will be appropriate fo maximal digestion because you will have savored each mouthful before you are ready for the next.
  7. Wait until one meal is digested before starting the next(2 to 6 hours): This again requires us to be in touch with our bodies. It is useful to place your attention consciously on your stomach and even place your hand on your belly to docus your awareness. Eat only when your stomach is calling for more.
  8. Slip warm water with your meals: THis helps in the digestive process work efficiently. By avoiding ice-cold drinks your digestive enzymes can function optimally.
  9. Eat freshly cooked meals: The life force is greatest in meals prepared with fresh ingredients. The delicious smells andpleasing display of a freshly prepared meal stimulate the appetite and the secretion of digestive enzymes even before food is placed in the mouth.
  10. Reduce raw foods: Even though raw vegetables are richest in essential nutrients, if we cannot assimilate them they are of little value. Appropriate cooking begins the digestive process allowing us to extract maximal nourishment from our food.
  11. Experience all six tastes at every meal: If all six tastes are represented you will be fully satisfied at the end of a meal. When you feel that you have eaten an adequate  volumes of food but still feel hungry, it usually implies that one of the tastes was missing. If you consciously identify and consume the missing taste you will feel satisfied.
  12. Drink milk separately from meals: Milk is a complete food by itself.
  13. Leave one third to one fourth of your stomach empty to aid digestion: Leaving some space allows the churning process to optmize digestion. This state of fullness can be recognized when you feel satisfied froma meal without being stuffed.
  14. Sit quietly for a few minutes after your meal: Eating is a sacred process. It is a magical transformation that allows for the energy of the universe to be transformed into the intelligence of our body. Savor the moments after a meal to appreciate the magic


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2 responses to “Body Intelligence Techniques (BITS)

  1. Marie Atallah

    You are misguiding people on the most basic principle of health – eating raw food. Raw food contains the enzymes which the body needs; cooked food means the body has to work much harder to produce enzymes and eventually the organs run out of steam hence diabetes, liver disease, etc.

  2. Peter Brown

    Can you name a single culture that has existed on only raw food. Although some raw food has always been a part of our diet, since fire was invented most of our food had been cooked. Our digestive systems can no longer absorb all the nutrients that exist in raw food. In other words, although raw food has abundant nutrients, they are not that bio-available. Although much of the nutrients are lost in cooking, the nutrients that remain become very bio-available and therefore easier for the human digestive system to absorb.

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