Ayurveda and Marma Therapy

I’ve picked up the this book authored by Dr.David Frawley, Dr.Subhash Ranade and Dr.Avinash Lele, all of them well renowned experts on marma therapy and Ayurveda in general. This time instead of writing a haphazard review of any book, I want to go chapter by chapter and point out the salient points in a simplified format for my reference or for anyone is reading this blog. I know that most Ayurvedic texts (or in fact any ancient text) can get pretty dry and one has to constantly keep looking at the big picture to avoid getting lost and thats the reason I want to keep these blog posts as simple as possible and wanted to do a chapter by chapter review so that its simple and at the same time nothing important is missed.

So hopefully at the end of 12th chapter I will have a pretty good understanding of the marma’s of Ayurveda.


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  1. dr tushar.patil

    very good

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