God, Avatar and the doubting Thomas

A very well written rebuttal from Dr.G.Venkataraman (whom I greatly respect) about all the misinformation and slander about Swami that is prevalant in the media today. This is a long document (37 pages) but written very well that counters the misinformation campaign that today’s so called “open” media has about Swami. He also propounds some vedantic truths. This is a valuable message for today’s youth in particular because they are the one to carry the legacy of India forward. I am just doing my small bit to put this excellent article on this blog.

You can read the article here



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2 responses to “God, Avatar and the doubting Thomas

  1. An exhaustive website countering the absurd allegations against Sathya Sai Baba can be found at SaiSathyaSai.com. For the html version of Dr. G. Venkataraman’s article, see Prof G. Venkataraman & The Sai Controversy with relevant updates on Sathya Sai Baba WordPress Blog.

  2. @Joe108: Thanks for the links.

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