Interesting Finds

Vedic Mathematics

  1. Rebecca Newburn’s Vedic Mathematics site (Check out the other links!)
  2. Her youtube videos


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3 responses to “Interesting Finds

  1. Ms. Rebecca Newburn

    Thank you for posting my resources on your blog. I can see from your categories that we have some similar interests. I just started blogging about education. My site is This new era is about connectedness, technology is one aspect and a greater part is our growing awareness of how we are all conntected. It is my intention and desire to help teachers, students and parents find pathways to awaken to their own divine nature. I have a wide variety of other resources on my home page,

  2. Hi “Interesting Finds”!!!
    This is a brilliant resource, thanks for sharing this with everyone.

    I am totally converted to vedic maths and think more people should know about it.

    I have been using some vedic maths lessons from a site I found similar to Rebecca’s and thought it would be worth sharing;

    I hope to read some more cool stuff here in the future

    Tony G.

  3. Thanks Tony for the cool site. Its defintely a great resource. I also found to be a good source of interesting math books. Do check it out.


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