Interesting Finds

Combinatorics, number theory and mathematics in Indian culture

These few links show the profundity and depth of contribution of  India in mathematics. Mathematics was a common theme in arts, science and spirituality.


  1. Paduka sahasra – The famous Knight’s tour problem which was a classical math problem and a tough nut to crack was solved through a poem dedicated to Lord Sri Rama’s sandals. What a unique way to solve a math puzzle – through a poem.  Check the link here, also view the flash animation here.
  2. Mathematics of poetry[^]


  1. Mathematics of raaga [^]

Ayurveda or Science of Life

  1. Combinatorics of tastes and humours in classical Indian medicine [^]


  1. Mathematics in the vedas [^]

You might also want to check the links below about which I have already blogged about. This is obviously not a complete spectrum of mathematics in Indian thought, I will blog about it as and when I come across Interesting finds.

  1. Rebecca Newburn’s site on Vedic mathematics [^]
  2. Prof Krishnamurthy’s site on Science and spirituality [^]

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