Tantra Research and Application center


I was listening to a podcast on “Exploring Tantra” on Mohan’s world (I have blogged about it before here) recently. A very lucid explanation about tantra was given by Sri Girish Kumarji. His exposition on tantra cleared a lot of misconceptions and misgivings I had. It is really awe-inspiring to know that such a sacred and a highly developed science evolved and existed (and still exists in some parts) in India.

Sri Girish Kumarji has dedicated his whole life to the spread of tantra in its true sense. He certainly comes across as a person who is very knowledgeable about this subject. He has estabilished the “Tantra Research and Application center” in a small town near Cochin in Kerala which I could not get by listening to the podcast. However he was gracious enough to give his email and phone number.

Tantra Research and Application Center 

Sri L.GirishKumar

Email: girishkumarl AT yahoo DOT co DOT in  ( replaced the words in capital to avoid spambots)

Phone: 0091 – 9895031963


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