Lahiri Mahasaya’s Five Guidelines for Living

From Kriya Yoga of Babaji

For the householders, there are five directives of Param Guru Shri Shri Shyama
Charan Lahiri Mahashaya, which are worth accepting (From Kriya Yoga Vigyan by
Swami Nitayananda Giriji Maharaj English translation by Dr. Brij Kumar. Copyright Yoga Niketan1999):
(1) Consider yourself very humble.This means that one should do seva (service),
vandana (prayers) and maintain a feeling of being a servant of all.
(2) Always do Satsanga — means, associate with moral and spiritually oriented people
and inquire into the nature of yourself and read spiritually uplifting literature (do
(3) From time to time congregate in a place and talk about God.
(4) Do not show disrespect to any name & form of God.
(5) At the end ofthe year, at least once, leave the worldly duties and go to a retreat
for a month, or a week,or at least three days and enjoy the solitude.



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2 responses to “Lahiri Mahasaya’s Five Guidelines for Living

  1. I follow these guidelines as a householder.

  2. Great guidelines to follow for the householder.

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