My living guru Ramana

Thanks to HarshaSatsangh and AcalaYoga

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There is nothing to do, nothing to seek. There is only false identification with limitation to discard and that is done by concentration on the eternal witness, the One behind all phenomena. Know who you are and there is no more to know.” (p. 261) And this is also the instruction revealed (above) to the young lad reading his first book on Yoga.

From Talks; p. 434:
D. : Sadguru is necessary to guide me to understand it.
M. : The Sadguru is within.
D. : I want a visible Guru.
M. : That visible Guru says that He is within.
D. : Can I throw myself at the mercy of the Sadguru?
M. : Yes. Instructions are necessary only so long as one has not surrendered oneself.

This is the Truth. Of that there is absolutely no doubt.


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