Mystic lotus centers in Yoga System

Thanks to Saranagathi. Read the full article here

Beta Cell Lotus

Lotus has a very spiritual significance in the Hindu religion. It is considered a very sacred flower, first among those fit to worship God. All the divine incarnations are represented to have lotus-like limbs. Patanjali, who is the master of a Philosophical system of Yoga says that the centers in our body represent lotus and the biggest lotus is found on the crown of the head – called the “Sahasrara Chakra” or the “Thousand-petalled Lotus”.When I was doing my modeling of the architecture of beta-cell network (beta-cells are insulin secreting cells in the pancreas), we came up with a new architecture of arranging them in the following pattern (see figure). This is called 3-D Hexagonal Closest Packing (3D HCP).


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