Pictures of spiritual India

From Nandhi, check out the excellent photographs by visiting the link. 

Thiruvannamalai The sacred mountain that is worshipped as Lord Siva in the element of fire. For many thousands of years, Sages have revered this mountain as the Lord who grants enlightenment, as the protector and as the giver of boons. Even today, there are many Sages who are in meditative contemplation for years together in and around this sacred mountain.

Ayya Vaikunthar Samadhi This is a sacred photo that we were allowed to take inside the sanctum sanctorum!

Siddha Wilderness These ancient spiritual centers resonate with the Siddha energy. Most of these wonderful places are in the forests on mountains of the western ghats (south India) where pure air, mountain streams, ayurvedic herbs and loud silence of solitude are the sacred elements that nourish the penance of Sages.

Feeding the hungry This is the most noble act of giving that we as humans can offer one another! In the Siddha saying, it is, “It is the only pit of desire in human that can be filled”. Yet, the pangs of hunger is universal and many find it difficult to get that one meal a day.These photos celebrate the random kindness that generous beings came together to participate in- to feed stomachs!


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  1. Ayya

    We need ur blessings and guiance, to my family. Bless us with child
    and unite with my lovely wife shiela.

    Shiela Bhaskaran

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