Guru Poornima

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Surrender to the Guru

We are in this Punya Bhumi (holy land, i.e. India), ideal place for spiritual realisation, and we have got the unique blessing of having our Guru by the side of the Himalayas and by the side of the holy Ganges. Therefore, we have got everything perfect. And the only thing that stands in the way of our spiritual realisation is our own mind, the ego, or you call it by any name you like. It is precisely in order to see that this obstacle is removed and we get at the precious goal of human life that one comes to the Guru. Guru has destroyed his mind and he knows how one has to destroy it. Therefore, to such a man we surrender ourselves.

Now we come to the central point. If the Guru is to bestow his blessings upon us, and if we are to make the highest use of them, an important thing is needed. This will be best understood by taking an example. Suppose a man is afflicted with a disease. He goes to the doctor and then he tells him his condition. You have to tell your entire condition to the doctor, and then the doctor gives you a prescription and also a medicine. Thereafter the entire responsibility is shifted from the doctor to the patient. The moment you surrender yourself to the doctor, the prescription is given to you and then the entire responsibility is shifted from the doctor to the patient. The doctor has done his very best. He has diagnosed the disease and given you the medicine, but if you do not take the medicine in the manner instructed by the doctor, the medicine is as good as useless. If the doctor has asked you to take such and such a diet and you do not obey his instructions, then what will be your fate? Who is to be held responsible? Who is to blame? I hope that every sincere man who does not want to escape his responsibility will admit that the patient is responsible, and the entire fault lies in him, and he alone is to blame, if he does not obey the doctor. In the same way in the case of a seeker, when we come to the Guru and when we enter the spiritual life and tell him, “Please show us the way to attain the goal of life”, and he says, “Be good”, and we continue to be bad, and he says, “Do good”, and we continue to do evil, in what way can the Guru help us? Swamiji does not confuse your mind with a whole lot of Sastras (scriptures). He gives in a very simple manner what all the scriptures of the world have given. He gives it in a very easy, simple, direct and practical form. Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate. And we want others to serve us! We want the spirit of service in everyone except ourselves. These are not fun. Man is Satchidananda in a sense and selfishness in fact.



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3 responses to “Guru Poornima

  1. B.Ramesh

    Very Nice webpage giving very important information abt spiritual progress.

  2. Thanks Ramesh for your kind words.

  3. The Vedas and Upanisads clearly mention the need of a Guru for completion towards our spiritual path. Humility and submission are essential!

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