Life story of Hanumanji

Thanks to Saranagathi

This is an excellent portrail of the life story of Hanumanji written by Sri Swami Shyam Paramahansa. Each incident of his life carries a message and a deep divine reason. I place this book on the same pedestal as “The Play of God” by Devi Vanamali. Highly recommended read for every spiritual seeker.


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  1. // Om Shri Hanumate Namah: //

    Thank you for this nice Site. Unfortunateley, I don’t know “The play of God”. Do you know “Ramayan”, the series from the 80s?

    If you love Shri Hanuman Ji, you can download Hanuman Chalisa, Hanuman Mantra Jaap Mala and other Mp3-Bhajans at:

    YouRs SinCereLy M!sTer CrippLeD SaM

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