Swami speaks

Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba says: 

God’s ways are astonishing, inscrutable and mysterious. GOD has made ample provision for all man’s needs. He has also given to man much more in the form of luxuries. in addition, He has conferred on man the power to control all these things. GOD has told man:

You are free to use as you like all the things given to you, subject to one condition. You will have face the consequences of your actions. This means that you cannot abuse the freedom given to you to misuse the things that are provided for you. When you misuse anything, you have to bear the resulting misery. When you make good use of anything, you will enjoy the benefits therefrom. You have to take note of the purpose for which for which you you use your senses or the objects given to you. ANy misuse of them will bring misery in its wake. You came with nothing into the world and leave it with nothing. What happens to your wealth or to yourself? Of what use is all other wealth unless a man realizes the bliss of oneness with the Divine.


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