Hug me, Teacher

Poem written by Sri Amritananda

Teacher, I am tired of doing things by myself. I just want to sleep in your embrace. I find solace there only, I think.

Your deep unconditional love envelops me like a sheath of nectar sending waves of soothing lights to my tension ridden body and mind.

In your embrace, let me forget the world. Let me forget who I am.

Beloved Guru, you are a true teacher. Genuine to the core. No expectaions of returns. Just love and acceptance of who I am,as I am.

Sing to me the lullabies of stars. Teach me how to serve and dance like angels.

Teach me how to be forever immersed in divine love and light through embrace.

Teach me the real purpose of my life and how to accomplish it.

Teach me how to fly on wings of love and service.

Teach me how to silence my ego to accomplish the divine purpose assigned to me.

Beloved Guruji, move me from apathy to passion, emptiness to wisdom.

Be with me, always.


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One response to “Hug me, Teacher

  1. usha bhonsle

    dear ma,

    it is a most wonderful poem i read in my life .

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