Search in Secret India – Paul Brunton

This is the famous classic that has sold more than a quarter million copies. It is the story of this celebrated writer’s spiritual odysset, his journey up and down India to seek out and interview holy people. We meet such fascinating figures as Meher Baba – the silent messiah; Shri Shankara – the spiritual head of South India; Master Mahasaya; Sahabji Maharaj; Hazrat Babajan – a woman fakir; Vishudhananda – the magician and many others.

The reader will especially relish the account of how Paul Brunton met his own guru, Shri Ramana Maharshi, the sage of Arunachala. Because of this book, Ramana became well known within India and throughout the West. Today there are Ramanashrams all over the world. Students on any spiritual path will enjoy sharing this experience with Paul Brunton.

Another review by Shiva Bhaktha


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  1. What a wonderful blog Dhriti, a wealth of information that will help any soul in its quest for spirituality.
    Keep writing …

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