Sahsra Gayatri Mantra Sadhan



MissionRk is a group of individuals determined to help facilitate the advent of a new spiritual era by undertaking Gayatri Sadhana. The website is a treasure trove of information for any spiritual seeker. Dr.RamaKrishna who has a doctorate degree in chemistry is also a fluent orator. He has spent many years under the tutelage of Yuga Rishi Pandit Sri Rama Sharma Acharya and has been an active proponent of Gayatri Sadhana. If you happen to understand telugu, make it a point to listen to a few of his talks and you will be naturally attracted to at least make an attempt towards Gayatri mantra, such is the power of his words.

MissionRK is requesting people all over the world to undertake the task of doing Sahasra Gayatri (chanting Gayatri mantra 1000 times a day). Though this may seem a tall order, the benefits that are bestowed far outweigh the effort required.  If you are interested in taking part in this MahaSankalpa you can contact MissionRK. At the very least you can at least spread the word far and wide to your friends and acquaintances.



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8 responses to “Sahsra Gayatri Mantra Sadhan

  1. Thanks for this nice picture!

    You can download “Aarti Shri Gayatri Ma Ki” and other Mp3-Bhajans at:

    YouRs SinCereLy M!sTer CrippLeD SaM

  2. m.venkateswarlu

    please refresh me with latest information of activities of gayathri pariwar

  3. @m.venkateswarlu: For the latest news from Gayatri Parivar South, you can check There is also a yahoo group – missionrk, where latest updates and activities are available.

  4. kanwar

    thanx i m searching the ishvar could you plz help me

  5. @Kanwar: Ishwar can only be searched if he is somewhere else, but he is everywhere which means he is within you as well. You just need to realize him.

  6. Anonymous

    Please give me phone number of RK sir


  7. Anonymous

    Dear Sir,
    Please clarify my doubt about the doing Sahasra Gayatri (chanting Gayatri mantra 1000 times a day)chanting in the evening between 6PM to 8PM

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