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Visualizing Sri Devi


Thanks to Devipuram

Visualizing Sri Devi (requires Flash player)

Panchadasi Japam (requires Shockwave player)

Visualizing Manidvipam (requires DVD player)



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Advaita (Monism) philosophy of Adi Shankara

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Adi Shankara – Incident with the untouchable

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On his way to the Vishwanath temple in Kashi, Adi Shankaracharya came upon an untouchable and his dog. When asked to move aside by Shankara’s disciples, the untouchable asked : “Do you wish that I move my soul, the atman and ever lasting, or this body made of clay?” Seeing the untouchable as none other than Lord Shiva, Shankara prostrated before Ishwara, composing five shlokas (Manisha Panchakam).

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Milarepa – The movie

Milarepa – The movie 

I went to see Milarepa, the movie, and was plesantly surprised to see the cinema hall being filled to capacity. I am sure each and everyone in the hall was spellbound and appreciated the effort put into making this wonderful movie. It is really hard to believe that the movie was made by non professionals and most of the actors were actual monks. In fact, I feel it was very well directed, scripted and screen shot than most good hollywood flicks. There was also a short Q&A  session with the director at the end of the movie. Kudos to Neten Chokling and his team. Now I am just waiting for the second part.

More about Milarepa:


Turning points in his life

Movie by the same name, made in 1974

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Expanding the boundaries of SELF – Oliver Jobson


The books is available for free on Google books 

A spiritual biography of self-development that follows the authors personal experience in understanding the link between religion, philosophy, science, and ones daily life. Jobson shares his own life experiences in relating a single unit of intelligent cosmic expression, and guides readers to awaken truths dormant within through meditation. Using Kabbalah to build on basic beliefs, one is guided to a heightened state of awareness, ultimately expanding the boundaries of self to awaken the spirit within

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Sathya Sai Baba according to Hilda Charlton


Hilda Charlton was an extraordinary being who taught classes for 23 years in New York City in which she gave practical lessons to thousands for living a life of truth, courage and love. Read about her life in her words.  As one student put it: “Hilda was obligated to no one except God, and she served everyone as God. She taught, counseled, and healed thousands, made herself available for lengths of time and at depths of intensity beyond what seemed humanly possible, and accepted no money or fame for all that she gave.” 

Read the full article here 

Baba says: “Man can derive ananda” — that’s bliss — “through the contemplation of his divinity or the divine as represented by all that he sees, hears, tastes, touches or smells outside himself. Brahman is immanent in all.” Well, then, what are we worrying about? “The Divine pours into your mold. What an inexhaustible source of ananda lies inside or outside you. Only you have to develop the mind” — that’s it! — “Only you have to develop the mind that will respond to the call, that will recognize the truth.”

Do you think that this week you could honestly keep your mind firm on who you are, day and night? Simply repeat it, saying who you are. If you have pains, say it is a lie. Say “I am in the image and likeness of God, and if God had pain, the whole world would screech. And I cannot have pain, because I am in that image and likeness.” Say it over and over and over and over and over.

Once I took on so much pain from someone that I couldn’t walk. It was so excruciating; there wasn’t a place in me that wasn’t excruciatingly painful. All at once I said, “Hey, God, I’ve had enough of this! I’m sick of this — this pain is finished!” And it got finished. What I get sick of is taking on pain from people who aren’t going to change. I’ll take anything on from you kids if you’re going to change afterwards. I’ll go along with anything. But if you get back your health and you don’t change one iota — if your mouth is still nasty, your mind is still cheap, and you’re still petty — then why don’t you just have your own pain?

It’s time you kept your mind on the truth of the matter. I would have so many people coming up next week to talk of miracles if you would keep your mind on God every moment. Say “I am made in His image and likeness.” If you want to say “Her,” you can. “I am made in the Mother’s image and likeness. I cannot have sickness, I cannot have trouble. It’s impossible, impossible, impossible. It’s a lie, it’s not true, it’s not true.” You go on all day like that, and something will break. Start doing it. I believe you could clean the water if you thought about it enough, if Baba can wave his hand and make something manifest. I swear by God Almighty that I’ve seen Baba do that over and over and over again. I’ve seen him blow like this — wwhhooohh — and the whole thing changes. It’s almost as it was in the beginning, when God went like this — wwhhooohh — and our world and we were all created. It’s a wonderful feeling to see someone do that. It opens your mind to a glory you haven’t touched yet. Open your minds and your hearts and see the things we haven’t seen yet! There are glories in the air we haven’t touched, and I’m determined to touch them. If Baba can touch them, I can touch them. If Moses can part that sea, then I too can part my troubles if I keep my mind right. Do you understand this?

Baba continues: “Misery is alien to man’s and woman’s makeup. Recognize the immanence of the Divine. One has to dedicate all acts to the Divine.” Everything we do is to the Divine. “What is an act when you analyze it deeply enough? It is the manipulation” — now listen to this — “the manipulation of the Divine by the Divine.” Isn’t that great? It is the manipulation of the Divine by the Divine. If you think positive and something happens, then who is the positive in your mind? God. And who is the thing that is manifested? God. If you pray, you take down from God’s storehouse and give back to God.

Baba says: “Dedication is to be carried out in many various ways. Take the food that we consume and offer it to God.” How many people forget to offer their food to God and change the vibratory rate of it from a stinking old nothing that’s been cooked in a hurry into something divine? “Any act done for the glorification of God is thereby rendered pure and potent. It is incapable of harming the doer, the beneficiary or society, for it is saturated with love, which is God. God is the director of this puppet show, the manipulator of the strings. Go behind the scene and see Him. It is now hiding Him. You have only to peek behind a flower or peer behind a cloud to see Him pulling the strings to show us the beauty, to show us the darkness of heavy moisture. So also you have only to peek behind your thoughts, to peer behind your feelings. You will find there the Inner Motivator behind everything.

“You tell me, `Swami, I have been practicing intense meditation for fifty years, but I have yet to gain concentration.’ This is the shameful confession. Jnana, or meditation, is the seventh of a series of the steps leading to the eighth, samadhi, or conquest of the mind. Unless you have secured a strong foothold on the five previous steps, you will fall back from jnana.”

You want to know what the five previous steps are? We’ve been doing them in this class, and I say you’re a wonderful, wonderful class. I’m very proud of you. The first step is the control of the senses. The second is the control of the emotions and impulses. The third is the mastery of balance and equipoise. The fourth is the regulation of breathing and movements of the vital airs. The fifth is the prevention of outer influences. If you don’t practice the first steps to make the foundation, you can go off and meditate and when you come out, you’ll slide down and it will be hard to hold it, however many years you have tried to stick to it.


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Recommendations for practices during Navaratri


Thanks and Pranams to Amma Karunamayi

It is highly auspicious to perform any sadhana during Navaratri, but more prominence is generally given to practices dedicated to Divine Mother. In particular, it is considered a great and sacred blessing to worship a Sri Chakra during Navaratri, as the Sri Chakra is the most powerful form of Divine Mother’s energy. Please visit the General Guidelines page for more information on how to perform these practices in a pure and traditional manner. For information on the significance of specific holy days during Navaratri, please see the Special Days page.

Sri Durga Mantra – This mantra invokes the powerful blessings of Sri Durga Devi for divine protection and tremendous courage and spiritual strength. This protection applies to the chanter, to their family and community, and to the world at large, so this is an excellent practice for universal welfare. Sri Durga Mantra can be chanted out loud.

If possible, chant this mantra in front of a Sri Chakra. Those who wish to worship the Sri Chakra while chanting can offer kumkum or red flower petals. When offering, make sure to use the thumb and ring finger of the right hand only. Do not use the left hand.

Sri Saraswati and Gayatri Mantras – These mantras can be chanted or repeated mentally as mental japa. This will increase the sattvic qualities of the devotee, like inner peace, contentment, devotion, inner purity, and mental clarity. Through these mantras, Divine Mother bestows abundant blessings of intelligence, good memory, creativity, and artistic talent. The mantras can also be used in silent meditation.

If possible, chant or meditate on these mantras in front of a Sri Chakra. For Sri Saraswati Devi’s blessings, one can offer white items to a Sri Chakra while chanting the Saraswati Mantra, like milk, raw white rice, or white flower petals. When offering, make sure to use the thumb and ring finger of the right hand only. Do not use the left hand.

Samputita Sri Suktam – This special hymn in honor of Sri Lakshmi Devi is an excellent choice for chanting during Navaratri. In her message to devotees about Hurricane Katrina, Amma mentioned that in ancient times, rishis prayed to Sri Durga Devi using a special verse from Sri Chandi Saptasati. This special verse is repeated sixteen times in Samputita Sri Suktam, which makes it a very powerful way to invoke Divine Mother’s protection for the entire world. Samputita Sri Suktam gives blessings for abundance, contentment, cosmic love, devotion, divine protection, and purification of all negativity.

It is very good to chant Samputita Sri Suktam in front of a Sri Chakra. Those who wish to worship their Sri Chakra while chanting can offer milk, turmeric water, raw white rice grains, or flower petals with each verse or line. When offering, make sure to use the thumb and ring finger of the right hand only. Do not use the left hand.

Sri Devi Khadgamala Stotra Ratnam – This powerful stotram bears a special connection to the Sri Chakra, the emblem of Divine Mother Lalita Tripurasundari. Amma has said that chanting this stotram can give one the same peak experience derived from ten hours of meditation. Realization can be attained very quickly through recitation of this stotram, especially if done during Navaratri.

If possible, chant this stotram in front of a Sri Chakra. Those who wish to worship their Sri Chakra using this stotram can offer kumkum, turmeric, raw white rice, or flower petals while chanting the Namavali version found in the Khadgamala Stotram chanting book. When offering, make sure to use the thumb and ring finger of the right hand only. Do not use the left hand.

Sri Mahishasura Mardini Stotram – This stotram bears an important connection with Navaratri, as it contains the key message of Sri Chandi Saptasati. Sri Chandi Saptasati tells the story of how Divine Mother took a physical form in order to destroy the demon Mahishasura, who was terrorizing the entire Earth. According to tradition, the battle happened during the nine days of Navaratri and finally ended with Mother’s victory on Vijayadasami, the day following Navaratri.

Thus, when we perform sadhana with devotion throughout Navaratri, Mother comes and battles all the forces of negativity in our own hearts and minds. On Vijayadasami, She is completely victorious as we are freed from countless millions of sins and forms of negativity. When we chant Sri Mahishasura Mardini Stotram repeatedly throughout Navaratri, we are asking Mother to come and destroy all of the negativity within us. This glorious stotram has the power to destroy negativity, and it also reduces violent and war-like tendencies in society, so it is very beneficial to the entire world.

Sri Lalita Sahasranama – For devotees of Divine Mother Lalitambika, there is no hymn greater than Sri Lalita Sahasranama. Those who chant this most sacred hymn containing the thousand names of Sri Lalita Devi are assured of liberation. The radiance attained from chanting this stotram during Navaratri cannot be described in words. It must be experienced firsthand.

It is extremely auspicious to chant or at least listen to this stotram during Navaratri. When puja to a Sri Chakra is done using the Namavali form of Sri Lalita Sahasranama, unimaginably powerful cosmic vibrations will surround the worshipper, bringing every kind of blessing. Amma has asked her children to try to chant this stotram at least once during Navaratri. Those who have not learned to chant this stotram can at least listen to it and meditate on Divine Mother in the form of an unbounded ocean of pure, motherly love.

If possible, chant this stotram in front of a Sri Chakra. Those who wish to offer worship can offer kumkum, turmeric, white rice, or flower petals while chanting the Namavali version. When offering, make sure to use the thumb and ring finger of the right hand only. Do not use the left hand.

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