The Dharmic Challenge

 A provocative collection of stories that illustrate the difficulties of living a Dharmic life. The authors, devoted to the teachings of Satya Sai Baba, explore different facets of Dharma such as truth, right conduct, duty and the need to be guided by conscience.

 Written by people of widely divergent backgrounds, these stories are alike in their honesty and sincerity of their efforts to live their lives according to Sai Baba’s teachings. Through these dramatic narratives, the authors reveal their frustrations, growth, failures and successes. This book motivates the reader to contemplate and examine his own life, to question his ability to meet this profound challenge in an often inhospitable society. These inspiring writings tell us it CAN be done.

Man must dedicate himself to Dharma and be engaged always in Dharma so that he may live i peace and the world may enjoy peace…Dharma is the foundation of the welfare of humanity; it is the truth that is stable for all time.  –Sathya Sai Baba


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