Super Science of Gayatri – Origin of Gayatri

Source: Super Science of Gayatri


Veda Mata Gayatri

If the subtle and material, internal and external activities and imaginations of any living being are seriously and scientifically examined, it will appear that its entire consciousness moves within four spheres,  (1) Rik –  spiritual well being and enlightenment, (2) Yaju – valour, (3) Sam – enjoyment, (4) Atharva – prosperity. Although supreme knowledge or law which is called Veda is one, it manifests in these four different aspects. These four kinds of knowledge are offshoots of that creative consciousness of Brahma  which has been described in the ancient scriptures by the name of Gayatri. Thus Gayatri is mother of the four Vedas and is therefore called VedaMata. Just as water manifests in four different forms of ice, vapour, air and liquid, and fire manifests in the forms of burning, heat, light and movement, so also Gayatri manifests in the form of four Vedas, four kinds of knowledge.  This is the subtle form of VedaMata Gayatri.

Before creating the four Vedas, Brahma created Gayatri Mantra consisting of twenty-four letters. Every letter of this  Mantra is instinct with a superbly refined subtle conscious energy field from which have  emanated the four Vedas and their branches and sub branches.  As is the growth of a tiny seed in a tree several thousand million times bigger than its origin, so have the twenty four letters of Gayatri bloomed and manifested themselves in the stupendous, all encompassing Vedic literature. The twenty-four letters of Gayatri Mantra have manifested in each and every branch and sub-branch of Vedic literature. Gayatri is the Primordial Word  and Vedic Richas its detailed interpretations. This is the subtle form of VedaMata Gayatri.


Manifestation of Gayatri by Brahma

No sooner did the urge of creation arise in Brahma, a vibration was created which is known
as Shakti (energy or power). This Shakti manifested as Jad (inanimate) and chetan animate) objects and creatures. The inanimate creation is governed by material nature (Prakriti) and animate creation is governed by chitta Shakti which is known as Savitri. Through the union of Brahma and Savitri, all the four Vedas came into existence. Knowledge of all kinds originated from the Vedas and thereafter, Brahma created this material world comprised of the five basic elements. The secret behind this allegorical description is that from the interior or centre of the Uninvolved, Invariable, Absolute Divine Being, a lotus flower came into existence. According to the scriptures, in the beginning of the creation, the Supreme Absolute willed to get Himself multiplied, “Ekoham Bahusyam.” This willed vibration arose from   the focal point and blossomed in the form of a lotus flower. Brahma, who is said to be born of lotus flower is one of the three basic manifestations of the Absolute Divinity- Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh symbolising creation, nurture and dissolution respectively.

Brahma started his work and created two kinds of creation, Chaitanya (animate) and Jad (inanimate). All living beings having desire, consciousness and ego fall under Chaitanya creation. This is an independent creation which is known as Pranmaya-kosh of the universe. Chaitanya (animate) element pervades the entire universe and is known as Pran. Ideas, will and emotions are three attributes of Pran-tatva which constitute the three coverings (bodies) of the soul – astral (Sukshma), causal (Karan) and physical (Sthool). All living-beings owe their consciousness and existence to this Pran-tatva. For creating Jad (inanimate) creation comprising matter, Brahma created five elements (Panchbhoot) viz. earth, water, air, fire and ether. The atoms of the entire material nature manifest as solid, liquid or gas.

Initially, need was felt for the power of will as, without it Chaitanya could not manifest. In the absence of Chaitanya energy, none could have knowledge about matter and it would have remained without any use. The utility of matter is for the convenience of manifestation of Chaitanya. Therefore, Brahma initially created Chaitanya and discovered will for knowledge. In Puranic language it can be said that Vedas or knowledge manifested first of all. The energies of conscious will (Sankalpa) and matter (Padarth) are the two arms of Brahma by which the work of creation is accomplished.


Gayatri – The source of occult powers

A devotee who attains the harmonized and transformed currents of Sat, Raj and Tam of Adya-Shakti Gayatri can easily get spiritual, mental and worldly happiness. Those who are able to establish spiritual communion with Adya Shakti, receive celestial boons from the  Omnipotent Divine Mother and  are Her ideal children. The root cause of all human suffering in the world is ignorance, infirmity and lack. These three kinds of suffering can be removed by invoking the triple currents of the  occult powers  of Gayatri. This super science of  acquiring the most coveted bliss which was discovered by the Indian mystics and Yogis, is their greatest gift to humanity. This discovery is known as Sadhana. Sadhana leads to Siddhis (divine powers). Gayatri-Sadhana is the fount of miraculous divine powers.



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