Miracle at Muthalamada

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In 1967 when Bhagavan Shri Sathya Sai Baba visited Kerala, He traveled through Muthalamada, in Palakkad District, to the Palace of the Royal family of Kollangode. At that time he declared “There will be a temple of Mine in this place and many people will find solace to their woes here.”(Shirdi Sai Baba and Parthy Sai Baba are one and the same and Parthi Sai Baba has only been installing idols of his previous avatar.)

In 2005, Sunilji had a vision in which Baba told him to make His mandir at an open space near Sunilji’s residence. Thus the idea for the mandir was conceived. The initial idea was to install a “life size” idol of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba. While contemplating on this, a message was given by Baba to Sunilji that a smaller idol will do and with its vibration He himself will make it bigger.

Later, in June 2006 Sunilji visited Shirdi and many miracles took place. The small Baba moorthy which was gifted to Sunilji by the priests of Samadhi mandir started producing sacred ash as soon as it reached Sunilji’s house in Muthalamada. Thus Baba confirmed His will and blessing for the Mandir.He also confirmed His presence in Muthalamada. As Baba says, “Miracles are my signatures”.

Just as the discussion of the building of Shirdi Baba Mandir was on at Sunilji’s residence, Mr.Shevilampi Shekhar, the engineer who worked on the projects of Puttaparthy arrived there and told Sunilji that he would like to help, if there are any construction activities. He was not informed or was aware of the temple project at Muthalamada. He has also been involved in some projects at Shirdi.

Baba’s leelas are unfathomable. It was Baba’s will that brought the same engineer to Muthalamada. Apart from the vibhoothi thats flowing from Shirdi Baba statue, similiar miracles are happening at every point.


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I have created a small collage of pictures of Sunilji, his interaction with spiritual personalities and some vibhuti manifestations in his presence. Jai Sai Ram!




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9 responses to “Miracle at Muthalamada

  1. anilkumarv

    Thanks a lot.


    Bhagawan has manifested himself as an incarnation of Lord RAMA, Lord Krishna ,Lord Siva Sri Vishnu and also of Lord Jesus , Lord Buddha , Allaha , and as Godesses Sarswathi , Sri Durga , Sri Lakshhmi etc . It is Good that though he is omnipresent everywhere in our tiny world , he is also blessing the humanity from centers and Shrines present in Puttaparthi ,Whitefield , Sundaram and Now at Sri Sunil Place at Mudalamada . Sri Sunil has been an arenent devotee of bhagawan for so many years , Though he was delared himself as a cancer patient, counting his days by Apollo Cancer Hospital at Chennai , Bhagawan by his mere words cancelled his cancer completely . This isone of Bhagawan’s countless miracles happening around the world .
    V. Srinivasan
    Associate Professor of Physaiology
    School of Medical Sciences
    University Sains Malaysia

  3. Thank you for your comment Prof Srinivasan. We are all so lucky to be born at the same time divine consciousness has taken human form in the form of Swami. As they say when the Lord arrives, several sages and ganas come alongside him. I have no doubt, Sri Sunilji must be a similar exalted spiritual personality.
    Jai Sai Ram.


    OM SRI SAIRAM 21-2-2008

    Bhagawan’s miracles through Sri Sunil

    During the years 1998-2001 Bhawan has performed number of miracles through Sri SUNILJI at places like Trivandrum , Mudalamada , Palaghat , Banglaore , Chennai , Coimbatore etc . One such miracle is bringing back to life the dead person .
    ONe heart patioent by name Sri Abdul Majiid was prounced as dead by Cardiothoracis Surgeons of Sri ChitraThirunal Medical Sciences Institute at Trivandrum . Sri Sunilje prayed to Bhagawan , sent telex also to Bhagawan to Puttaparthi . The Dead person
    ( Sri Abdul Majiid ) got back his life immediately . It was indeed BHAGAWAN’s miracle only that brought dead Abdul Majiid back to life . Bhagawan has cured the illness of many Muslim persons also
    Associate Professor of Physiology
    School of Medical Sciences
    University Sains Malaysia
    16150 , Kubang kerian

  5. Keerthi Kumar V

    Who knows Bhavan’s leelas……… We cant predict anything about him.. What it happens are according to his wish…..

  6. Anonymous

    This is so FAKE….

  7. Adishakti

    Me ha dado mucha alegría de saber que en tantos lugares de esa sagrada tierra hayan seres espirituales de esta embergadura, soy devota de Sathya Sai Baba, me gustaría mucho visitar ese lugar.

    Om Sai Ram

  8. anonymous

    @ Sreenivasan,
    From your signature, I understand that you are an associate professor.

    Have you ever your medical science proven that mythology is true?

    And you yourself telling that Abdul majeed was dead (as per medical science), then after he got life back.
    If it is true, we can give life to alot of scientist- who can help the world.
    am expecting your comment….

    I agreed that, god is love, give and spread the love- that is god. According to me whoever coming to earth themself have the power to spread the love, whoever acheiving this facts, we assuming that – they are the god’s own creations.

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