Sivananda Daily Reading

Be prepared to suffer any amount of pain. Have a set of maxims with you always to induce vairagya (dispassion) . Treat sensual enjoyment as poison, as vomited food, as dung or urine. They cannot give you satisfaction. Preserve your virya (vital energy) carefully. Sleep always separately. Revere ladies as the Mother divine. Root out the sex idea. Prostrate before all. See God in every face, in every thing. Take to sankirtan (chanting), satsang (holy company), prayer when the mind is overpowered by lower instincts. Face obstacles coolly and boldly. Care not about criticism when you are in the right path. Yield not to flattery. Respect even rogues and scoundrels – serve them. Admit your faults plainly. Take care of your health – Do not neglect daily asana and other yoga exercises. Be active and nimble always.
Develop your heart by giving. Be extra ordinarily charitable give more than one’s expectations. Desires multiply miseries. Develop contentment. Control the senses one by one. Develop brahmakara vrtti (“I am Brahman” idea) by repeated thinking. Have a check over all your thoughts keep them pure and sublime. Do not lose your temper when anyone insults you or taunts or rebukes you. It is a mere variety of sounds; a mere play of words. Rest your mind in God. Live in the truth. Be up and doing in the path of perfection.

Have a definite aim in your life and proceed towards it cautiously.  The benefits of mauna (silence) are incalculable. Never give up this practice. There are four important means for passion to enter the
mind – sound, touch, sight and thought. Be vigilant! Have intimate connection with none but God. Mix little with others. Be moderate in all things – extremes are always dangerous. Every day have self analysis and introspection. Know the extent of your growth. Give up curiosities in the spiritual path. Conserve your energy and concentrate. Think little of the food, body, relatives. Think more of the atman. You must realise God in this very birth itself.



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2 responses to “Sadhana

  1. sandra uyterhoeven

    I came across an article that gives the instruction “Recite Vanamali” 3 times. This is part of a course in how to conceive. It is a course that the couple wanting to conceive practices together. Can you give me the words to Vanamali?
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Sandra,
    I am not aware of such a practice (however I would be interested to know). Anyway “Vanamali” is a reference to Lord Krishna. The literal translation would be “wearer of a garland made from different foliage”.
    Krishna’s photographs often depict him wearing such a garland with a flute in his hand.

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