Hidden Messages in water – Masaru Emoto

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A few months back I saw the movie, “What the bleep do we know“. It was a very interesting movie which tried to describe the metaphysical connection between science and spirituality. I felt it even touched on a few concepts of the need for self discovery a la Vedanta. Check out the trailer on their site, it should appeal to both the rationalist and spiritualist in us.

However the point of this blog post is that, in the movie they show some of the research carried by Dr. Masuru Emoto. Dr.Emoto proves that water responds in a very physical way to the thoughts directed towards it. So, suppose if you were to think about love and compassion and impose those thoughts in a glass of water, and if you were to freeze and crystallize that water, you would get a lovely form of a snow crystal. In a similar manner, if you happen to direct anger towards water, a grotesque figure emerges when it is crystallized. The shape of crystallized water undergoes a drastic change when thoughts of prayer were directed towards it. Now if we look at the before, after photographs of water from Fujiwara dam, it is surprising that thoughts can have such a drastic effect on water.


fujiwara_before fujiwara_prayer
Fig:Water before prayer Fig: Water after prayer

Now, if that is surprising enough, Dr.Emoto tried another experiment. He decided to just stick labels on the water containers with words on the expressing different emotions or names. The results was pretty much the same. One label on a container said “You make me sick, I will kill you” and another label said “Thank you”. Look at the two pictures below and notice the effect of just the written word (not even spoken word or intentions) on water.

make_me_sick thank_you
Fig:You make me sick, I will kill you Fig:Thank you

Mr.Emoto decided to see what effects music has on the structuring of water. He placed distilled water between two speakers for several hours and then photographed the crystals that formed after the water was frozen.

heavy_metal tibet_sutra
Fig:Heavy metal music Fig:Tibet Sutra

So, imagine the effect of thoughts, written word, spoken word, intentions and the music on human body, three quarters of which is water. Dr.Emoto even says that a negative tattoo has such a terrible effect that it pulls our consciousness towards our lower self. In a similar manner, written words transmit vibrations, it is possible that bandages with healing words printed on them might expedite the healing process.

This might have been the reason several sages and seers from ancient India used to carry kamandalam with water in it. Also, my conjecture would be the theertham which is given in temples carries with the essence of mantras uttered in the deities presence. This research is exciting and blurs the distinction between science and spirituality.


How water reflects our consciousness

What the bleep do we know? Water Crystals



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10 responses to “Hidden Messages in water – Masaru Emoto

  1. Namaste
    What a fantastic discovery ? When I was writing about Sandhyavandanam, I found that most Kriyas had much to offer to physical,mental, and spiritual well being. You know Sandhya is a purely water based kriya ! I am looking at the Kriya of Arghyam, in which water is thrown skywards after chanting Gayatri. It is mind boggling to think of the effects of a Gayatri infiltrated water on the cosmos.

    Beautiful blog. Find out more like this. I am going to give this extensive publicity.

    Please mail me privately also.

  2. Thanks for the comment Venkatji. It indeed is a fascinating discovery. I am sure the process of Arghyam immensely purifies us and the surrounding environment, especially since it carries with it the infinite power of Gayatri Mantra.

  3. KalpanaPathak

    We should experiment more on good thinking and bad thinking leaving the effect accordingly on our mind and body. That is way meditation is so effective way to drain all bad infuience and make our minds woderfully clean.

  4. Musiri

    I am not surprised by the findings. If Dr. Masaru Emoto had included a genuine Naasthika in his experiments, he would have found out no structural ordering seen in his experiments, whatever the Naasthika’s emotions were. However, if the Naasthika had a genuine interest, instead of skeptical interest then the ordering would occur. This I would say would be in conformance with the Karma Theory (general or relative).

    I did not look into the actual work or publication by Dr. Emoto, because I do not have doubts, because of which I would even say that there is no need for such experiments. All the same, I am very thankful to Dr. Emoto!

  5. Musiri – It is very true, that the observer needs a certain amount of faith for the experiment to be a success. We need many more people like Dr.Emoto who can extend the research and bring about more awareness.

  6. Shree

    Nice artice, just made me think, since people have been praying on the river bank of all holy rivers of india and in the sacred tanks (tirtha & pushkarini) of india since ancient times. Taking ablutions in those waters must be purifying for the body and the soul.

  7. Anonymous

    Well, this is very likely a fake. Look at the wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masaru_Emoto. Look at the section: Water crystal work and criticism

    I really wonder how eager people are ready to believe in these fake works and fake miralces like those of Sai baba.

  8. audi_krishnan

    Instead of being tossed around by comments from believers and skeptics, We should organize a Research Project by a group of scientifically mnded people – 50% skeptics and 50% ardent believers; set up controlled conditions; double blind and placebo cross checks and have the entire thing done under public glare and TV-media.

    The results would be very interesting.


  9. Kimi

    Hi, I’m curious if you have any suggestions for me. My boyfriend has two very negative tattoos. One on each ARM of skulls and fire. He tends to have very negative outbursts at times for no known reason. He wants a new tattoo. So my question is what would be the best subject matter or tattoo to off set the negative energy of his current tattoos. He is open minded and allows me to put healing stones under his pillows and a stone in his wallet to ward off negative energy. He also visited a rieki practitioner with little prodding. All suggestions are welcome. Reading this about tattoo affecting a person seem to be a huge synchronicity at this time. Thank you.

  10. Anonymous

    Very surprising fact proved scientifically

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