Activation of Internal power centers by Gayatri Sadhana


Source: Super Science of Gayatri

There are many large and small, visible and invisible glands in the body. Yogis know that some specific energies lie hidden in these glands, ShatChakras (six energy centre) related to the Sushumana are quite well known but there are several other such glands in the body. The utterance of different words has its impact on different glands and by such impact the energy of these glands gets stimulated. Mantras have been composed on this basis. There are twenty-four letters in Gayatri Mantra which are related to twenty-four such glands located in the body which, on getting stimulated, activate and awaken the powers of righteous wisdom. By uttering Gayatri Mantra the sitar of the subtle (Sookshma) body of the Sadhak  starts playing, tinkling at twenty four points, creating sound waves which impact important  elements of the invisible world. It is this impact which becomes more and more pronounced and tangible through Gayatri Sadhana.

Sound is synonymous with Brahma. It is Brahma from whom the original first creative vibration issues forth resulting in seven-time chanting of OM.  Om create vibrations which regulate this creation. Later, three main waves of Sat, Raj and Tam relating to Hreem, Shreem and Kleem elements respectively flow in this current. It is further divided into branches and sub-branches which are known as Beej-Mantras. The letters, words and clauses of Gayatri Mantra have been seen by a seer vision and emanate from the unified field of creative energy, arranged in a specific and special sequence and inter-relationship. Chanted with sincere devotion, they plug the sadhak’s soul into the supreme and inexhaustible fount of spiritual energy.

The vibrations of a specific sound spread in the ether and attract atoms of similar type and return to their origin within few moments, duly charged with appropriate energy . This is how Mantras accomplish miraculous effects. The chanting of Gayatri Mantra activates the network of nerves in the mouth and stimulates specific glands. No sooner do they get stimulated, a Vedic symphony is created which spreads in the ether, takes a round of the entire universe, coming back to the source with its energy augmented manifold, capable of fulfilling the desired purpose. Gayatri Sadhana, thus, becomes  a spiritual as well as a material boon for the Sadhak.

The factor which makes Gayatri Mantra extremely potent is the sadhak’s confidence coupled with faith.  Tulsidas has in his Ramayan compared faith and confidence to Bhawani and Shankar and stated, “Bhawani Shankaro vande shraddha vishvas rupino.” It is faith which has the power to turn a bush into a ghost, a rope into a snake and an idol into God. There are people who happily sacrifice money, comfort and even life for defending one’s faith and conviction. Eklavya, Kabeer etc. are examples of persons who acquired Knowledge  not directly from their masters, Gurus, but by dint of their unflinching faith in them.  A Sadhak devoid of faith may utter a mantra hundreds of times but it will not have any effect. When the Sadhak takes up Sadhana with faith and confidence Gayatri Mantra becomes much more effective and proves to be extra-ordinarily powerful due to the combined effect of faith and the Mantra’s own instrinsic spiritual energy.




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2 responses to “Activation of Internal power centers by Gayatri Sadhana

  1. Gurudev,
    I am intrest to know how to get enrgy from our oldest mantras

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