Gayatri is Kamadhenu

Source : Super Science of Gayatri by Pt. Sri Ram Sharma Acharya


Kamdhenu is another name of Gayatri. Devata means a person who possesses divine nature. If a person having divine nature worships this great power, he drinks spiritual milk from the breasts of the Divine Mother. He is saved from all botherations. The basic nature and characteristic of the individual soul is happiness. Its main attribute is to remain bathed in eternal bliss. No sooner does it get rid of ignorance induced pain and suffering it regains its original nature. Gods in heaven always remain happy. Man can also remain happy in the same manner on this earth if causes of his suffering are removed. Kamdhenu Gayatri removes all the sufferings of her devotees.

Deliverance from Suffering of Three Kinds
The causes of all suffering are (1) ignorance, (2) infirmity and (3) inadequacy. A person becomes happy to the extent he is able to remove these  causes of suffering from within  him. The outlook of a person about the world gets vitiated on account of ignorance. Being ignorant of his true identity  he gets entangled in a false sense of identity with the transient  phenomena  and becomes unhappy. The feelings of selfishness, self-indulgence, greed, ego, narrow-mindedness and anger deflect  a man from his duty. He abandons far-sightedness, hankers after money, materials, false name and fame which are all transient and chimerical. Thus he strays away more and more from his true self which is the spark of the Divine. This separation from the Source is the original sin. Sin automatically results in suffering. On account of ignorance he is unable to understand  the basic purpose of his life in this world. Consequently, his hopes, cravings and imaginations know no end. On account of such a perverted out look normal ups and downs of life make him laugh, cry and weep.

Death of a relative, differences in the tastes and temperament of colleagues, ups and downs and fluctuations in circumstances are all natural but the ignorant man insists that what he  wants must always happen and he should never be required to face adverse circumstances. When this does  not happen as per his fancies and events unfold contrary to his wishes, he weeps and cries. Thus, ignorance leads to innumerable sufferings.


Infirmity means weakness. A man is unable to enjoy his natural basic rights on account of his physical, mental, social, intellectual and spiritual infirmities. Delicious dishes, beautiful damsels, sweet music, beautiful scenery have absolutely no meaning for a diseased person. He cannot enjoy money and wealth. How can one enjoy the joys of studying literature, poetry, philosophy etc. if he is intellectually bankrupt ?

Love, devotion, company of righteous persons and spiritual bliss can hardly be enjoyed by a person who is spiritually bankrupt. Nature’s law of survival of the fittest works in eliminating the weak. The weak are always harassed and eliminated. Even positive, factors become quite unfavourable to such a man. Winter season which adds to the strength and vigour of strong persons and to the pleasures of an humorist becomes the cause for catching pneumonia, gout, rheumatism to a person of weak constitution. Factors  which are debilitating for the weak prove invigorating for the strong. Even mighty emperors feel proud in adopting the figure of a roaring lion as the state emblem of their kingdom while the weak bleating goat is killed by wild animals or is sacrificed before the idol of Bhawani. The Infirm, thus, always suffer and even favourable factors do not prove helpful to them.
Materials security  is yet another cause for human suffering.  Difficulties of several kinds have to be faced on account of scarcity of food, clothing, water, housing, cattle, land, companions, friends, money, medicines, books, weapons, teachers etc. and a person has to curtail hislegitimate needs, suppress his feelings and waste his precious life. Even capable and competent persons feel themselves crippled beaten down for want of material resources.

Gayatri is Kamdhenu
One who sincerely invokes, adores and worships Gayatri, enjoys pleasures similar to the ones a child feels while sucking nectarlike milk of his mother’s breasts. He gets rid of suffering created by ignorance, infirmity and scarcity and all his righteous desires are fulfilled. Gayatri is Kalpa Vraksha It is said that there is a Kalpa Vraksha in heaven and a person sitting underneath it gets whatever he wants. All his desires are instantly fulfilled. One can imagine how happy shall a person be who possesses such a Kalpa-vraksha. There is such a Kalpa-Vraksha on this earth also which again is known as Gayatri. By outward appearance it is a string of twentyfour letters or nine words but by deep contemplation it will be found that every letter and word of this Mantra incorporates in it the keys to the fulfilment of all  righteous desires of a man.
Gayatri is not only one of the numerous gods or goddesses. It is the original creative energy of the Absolute Brahma, which is transcendent, In incomprehensible and beyond the cosmos. The words Gayatri upasna carry the same meaning as Ishwar-bhakti ,Ishwar-upasana, Brahma-Sadhana, Atma-sakshatkar, Brahma-darshan, prabhu parayanta etc.Gayatri-Sadhana is, in fact, exemplary yet easiest way of worship. Those who tread this path pass joyously through life and ultimately reach the ultimate goal of God-realization. Absolute Brahma and Gayatri are, in fact, Two-in-One.



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