Servers of the Divine Plan


Source- Google Books, Servers of the Divine Plan

Of late, we keep hearing about the dawn of the new age of consciousness. The Mayan calendar also suggests that by the year 2012, sufficient number of beings in this world will be elevated who will lead and help mankind towards greater spiritual heights. I myself have heard this from several great spiritual Masters. If someone told me that even five years back, it would have been difficult to believe, but there is now a perceptible change throughout the world that is happening ever so subtly that humankind is being transformed slowly, naturally and permanently.

This is spoken about in great length in the book “Servers of the Divine Plan”. No one knows who the author of this book is and the author considered that the content in the book is more important than who he was.  This book seems to be written very recently and whoever wrote that must surely be in a advanced state of consciousness; for it impossible to present in such detail the Divine plan. The book seems a little heavy (if not soporofic) in parts but for a serious spiritual aspirant, this book brings great hope and tries to explain how divinity descends into various levels to elevate all beings on our planet. Some passages are awe inspiring and some just too overwhelming to know that the divine has such great unfathomable compassion towards us.

Excerpt from the book:

“A growing percentage of human population are today remembering something of the intelligent design and infallibility of the Divine plan for Earth at this time and their role to play in it. It is in such remembrance that we wish to fulfill our duty to all people in every part of the world, and we are especially devoted to helping in the recalling process for those who came specifically to aid humanity and the planet through the impending Great transition.

Our long dark night, is almost over. Very soon, all awakened souls will unite again as one to greet the new Dawn, and to finally release that Grand Song which has been composed within their hearts during the course of many incarnations of personal sacrifice. It is our prayer that all servants of the race may now step forward to faithfully and confidently pool energies and resources so that we may make haste towards the fulfillment of the prophecy by consciously assisting in the predestined emergence of the New World Consciousness upon Earth.”



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3 responses to “Servers of the Divine Plan

  1. jacqueline stalllinga

    Simon Kadwell is the author of this most wonderful book. I have had the pleasure of meeting simon when he fisrt came to Australia.not long after he wrote ‘servers’.Yes simon is a man with a love for humanity and is I believe a messenger of the divine creative energy. “Servers is not a channelled book,It was written with the intention to enlighten those who are capable of understanding and feeling the energies of movement and growth.

  2. Anonymous this is the Simon Kadwell who wrote this book, the name is an alias amongst many.

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