Save Mother earth

Message from Sri Mohan (Mohan’s World)

Dear Friends
          Life is going on…..for us, almost as unconsciously as ever, while the earth is speeding up. The 2012 shift the scientists are talking about, is at hands each.The frquency levels are changing and signs are visible. Time is scarce, stress levels are higher, natural calamities are increasing as well. More than 30,000 people are estimated to have perished in Myanmar yesterday. About 10,000 people are estimated to have died in China today.USA has encountered natural calamities periodica lly. More than man-made disasters, we could see the nature shifting gears and changes happening as loss of lives. Are we doing anything about it? We cannot individually change what the collective consciousness is creating through indiscriminate and unconscious living. We have to change the collective thought processes. Thats what Iam trying to do through this mail.
Global warming is not to be ignored. Ice caps are melting. If we do not ACT,we may not have enough earth or land for us to hand over to the next generations. 
Action is the third level of creation. Thoughts and words are the other two. We need to respond in every levels of creation to salvage the situation. Its getting too late.
 What are we doing? I know that many people have asked this question over and over again and we have learned to ignore it, as it may not have affected us. We have learned to ignore any mishap, until they touch our lives, categorically and unmistakably. We have always been expecting someone else to lead he show as well as do everything, so that we can conveniently sit and judge their action, looking at it through our spectacles. Where is our so called team-playership?
I was seeing much destruction caused by turbulent minds, in news channels. Peole killing people indiscriminately, destroying public property senselessly, even frustrated domestic animals becoming violent and destroying human lives and property. Pent up frustrations are released as anger aimed at something, indiscriminately. Being over-emoional will lead to mishaps to oneself, others or both. Its not good. We have no right to destroy another’s property. We are only temporary custodians. If we take the next 100 years, the entire population exxisting today, including the children born today, would have left their bodies and a completely new generation would be walking on the earth. Even the body that we are wearing is temporary. What are we proud about? What are we egoistic about? If we do not do good for others and especially our own mother earth now, while in our body, when can we do it at all?
Life must not be lived unconsciously. Life must be lived with awareness. We are fed up of advices. There is no action still. The world’s conscience is not changing enough. Unconscious existence is leading to more agonies, troubles and turbulances.
We all are imprisoned. We are living inside the prisons of our own minds. The walls of the prisons are our own conditionings. The locks are our own intellect. We are trapped within our own minds. The birds nature is to soar in the skies of absolute freedom. We created the cage. We imprisoned ourselves. We lost all our freedom. Repetitive life has gifted us insensitiveness and lack of feelings. The bird is awaiting liberation from all these. Life has much more than what we percieve, to offer. Are we aware of it? Or are we a slave to our own emotions?
AWAKE!!! ARISE!!! Its time. Sand is slipping away, from beneath our feet. Be aware of that. Saving the mother is saving yourself. Save mother earth.
Please unite in the name of love. Please do shed the barriers of caste, creed, country, colours or community for the common cause of our one mother….universal mother…. Arise, Awake for her sake.
Love is the only truth. Love expands. Love rejuvenates. Love is the basis of all creation. Love sustains everything. Be that unconditional love.
Please be LOVE and express love. Do not destroy anything.
We all are the children of one Universal energy and its nature is unconditional love.May Unconditional Love flourish on earth. I sincerely pray that the earth rejoices in our love.
Love ALL Serve ALL



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2 responses to “Save Mother earth

  1. anilkumarv

    Dear Dhritiji,
    Glad to see that you are back! Looking forward to reading your posts. Best wishes.

  2. Fuzzy says : I absolutely agree with this !

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