Akhanda Jyothi – Spiritual magazine


Since it is Akhand Jyothi fortnight, I am attaching a brochure promoting the magazine. One of the best spiritual magazines out there.


A Unique Magazine that Offers Solutions To Many Problems Faced By Humanity:

· Published Since 1941 Without Any Advertisements, Has Very Low Yearly Subscription Rates, Available in 8 Languages

· Has Guided Millions of Men And Women To Lead Happy and Fulfilling Lives All Over The World

Articles Cover A Wide Variety of Topics Like:

· Managing personal health and fitness through Yoga, Herbal Healing and Alternate Methods of healing

· Personality development, managing stress and awakening hidden talent

· Discussions on principles and practices for Spiritual Development

· Creation of coherent, happy and loving families

· Columns on positive thinking and inspiring youth to face challenges

· Paradigms for creation of a new world and revival of Indian Culture

· Scientific Spirituality and current research in ancient Indian knowledge

and so on …….



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18 responses to “Akhanda Jyothi – Spiritual magazine

  1. Cool blogs – this sounds really interesing

  2. charu

    Dear Friend,
    Can you please let me know the contact point to subscribe the “Akhand Jyoti” magazine.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Dear Charu,
    I am not sure of the exact contact person, but I guess you can ping any of the office bearers mentioned on
    and they can forward your request to the concerned authority.
    Let me know if that does not work out.

  4. Nate Natesan

    Root cause analysis of the Self
    1) Release me from the never-ending chain of desires
    So I may live in peace with Absolute contentment
    2) Free my mind from the darkness of lust
    And fill my soul with the light of divine Love
    3) Let me not live to eat & indulge in the unreal outer shelf
    Eat but to live & realize my Real Inner Self
    4) Let me not use words as missiles that injure
    Use them but gentle sparingly for comfort & cure
    5) Let me not forget my brittle dwelling of glass
    So throw not I stones wherever I glance
    6) Enlighten my mind with the knowledge of thee
    And releasing the weight that scholarship brings
    7) Detach my SELF from the bondage of my ego
    So differentiated am I no more
    8) Let good tidings of others forever bring joy unqualified
    And merge my soul with that of one & all
    9) Inspire in me the sense of surrender at thy Lotus Feet
    So sorrow not I see, but your dance to stay on my feet
    10) Let me not do any work for rewards & fame
    But let every act be dedicated to thy Name
    11) Help me eliminate the chatter in my mind
    So I stay connected with thy Name on my mind
    12) Help me to enrich & protect my subjective mind
    To filter & deflect the objective mind
    13) Help me to rid the fear so I am ever fearless
    So I am true to Your Will & nature as a free Will
    14) When you finally Grace me to thy shore
    Let me please come with my friends Galore

    By Nate Natesan

  5. akhalesh narware

    im a regular redear of akhand jyoti and im always feel that it is written only for me

  6. Detail for Akhand Jyoti Magazine memebership and activities of Gayatri Pariwar.

    You may find at :


  7. Abha Verama

    Sent me Gurudev , Mataji and Gaytri Maa photo on my email ID.


    Im shendurkar

  9. Subhash chand

    Please guide me how can i subscribe this magazine for Library.

  10. rajshekhar pandeya

    this magazine is something like a software of hardware of my selfhood really a loadstar in stygian lybrinth

  11. Jidagi ko swarne vali magzine


  13. Ashok kumar,Bangalore

    Reading this magazine regularly shall not only save HINDU sanskriti but all sanskritis instead; Akhandjyoti is never a magazine for any caste or creed or a pet of any particular religion ,it is like a Gyan Ganga never ever discriminating whosoever comes in contact to cleanse or sooth himself/herself.

  14. me is book me intrest rkhta ho

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