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The glory of Gayatri

Source: Super Science of Gayatri


  • No other mantra has been worshipped and chanted as much as Gayatri Mantra. Since ages highly elevated souls have been practising Gayatri Sadhana. Thus, a huge mass of highly elevated spiritual energy has been accumulated in subtle celestial spheres (loks) enveloping the earth.

  • It is a scientific truth that no sound or idea ever perishes. Whatever is uttered or thought today will spread in the space along with its waves and will remain there till infinity in some state or the other. Waves which are most powerful remain specifically alive.

  • With the help of the stair-case built by the devotees of Gayatri in the past we can easily attain the  fruits of Gayatri Sadhana .

  • By these past Sadhanas powerful energy fields have been created in the subtle spheres by tuning into which we can march ahead with great speed.

  • One who observes deeply by meditation and contemplation, the trinities gets the same spiritual merit as one gets in the material world by taking a dip in Triveni. These various trios represent various kinds of problems which the Sadhak is required to face and by solving which he attains the ultimate goal of self-realisation.

  • Gayatri has three phases and so it is called tripada. It is also called tripada because it is Vedmata, Devmata and Vishwamata.

  • Vedas have originated from Gayatri mantra and so it is known as Vedmata.

  • It is Devmata because  it helps in manifestation of divine virtues (gun),
    actions (karma) and nature (swabhav).

  • It gives inspiration for establishment of universal family “Vasudhaiva kutumbakam” and so it is known as Vishwamata.

  • The letters of Gayatri mantra are interwoven in such a manner that by their utterance special vibrations are created and the secret subtle centres of energy within the Sadhak get activated and awakened, manifesting their paranormal potencies.



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Planes of consciousness

External link: Planes of existence


What does Pujya Gurudev (Pt. Sri Ram Sharma Acharya) mean when he said that by 2000, his body will transform from ” Sookshma” to ” Karan”?

Let us understand the planes and sub planes first.
Adi plane First – Which we do not understand as yet
Anupadaka plane – Monadic – Which we do not understand as yet
Aatma plane – Spiritual – Our Gurus work at this level
Budhic plane – Intuitional- Bhava samvedana State
Manas plane
                    Higher Manas – Supra mental state
                    Lower manas – All intellectual persons ,scientists are in this state
Kama plane – Anybody who have attained something in physical plane are in this plane, Business men, Sports stars etc.
Sthool plane – only physical

Each of the above planes have 7 sub planes.


Whatever exists in physical plane comes from a plane higher than this. So we can understand all physical is the reflection of the higher. All ideas originate from higher planes. But when it reaches the mental level different people understand the message according to their mental capability and the mental status. So he message will obviously change. The lower mind does not allow us to think as a “Whole”. It always tries to break the Whole into smaller parts like “I”. It is because of this selfish thought imposed on the ideas, the presentation and the actions change.

This is the reason why we chant “Akhanda mandalakaram vyaaptam ena chara charam” sloka as a precursor to understand anything in our meditation or Puja. This is how we try to train our mind to learn to surrender and think as one single consciousness. This consciousness will allow us to understand the right signals sent from the higher planes.

Yamas – will help in conquering this plane.


Normal people can only work with their physical body, when they are alive. Few people cannot even use their physical body effectively. When one attains control on physical body he can start the work in astral plane right away in dream state. In dream state we reach astral plane. In the way we have schools here to teach about our physical life, there are schools in the astral plane to teach about astral life also. After physical death people with good understanding and training in these planes will start helping, working in this plane.
(It may be asked how it is that an astral entity becomes aware of a physical cry, or an accident. The answer is that any cry which has in it a strong feeling or emotion would produce an effect upon the astral plane, and would convey exactly the same idea there as on the physical plane. In the case of an accident the rush of emotion caused by pain or fright would flame out like a great light, and could not fail to attract the attention of an astral entity )
But normally people who are habituated to perform daily Puja, meditation etc with an awareness of these planes, can raise themselves to higher levels to work in astral plane when they are alive. Every day they can work in dream state knowingly and unknowingly with their masters or co-disciples. So there is no need to leave our physical body to work in this plane.

But after death and after a few hundred years (Not equal to a physical plane year) stay in astral plane people will reach the mental plane in their normal evolutionary process leaving their astral body. This evolution can be hastened with spiritual practices.
Niyamas – will help in conquering this plane.


All big discoveries by scientist are the ideas sent from higher planes which they got in their lower mental plane (in the 3rd sub plane).
The modern technology marvels that we are enjoying are the result of the work done in the mental plane by the Masters for faster human evolution. We can also understand this as Savitri Shakti. Sri Aurobindo completed all work required for this state for the evolution of planet earth which has resulted in vast development of materialism , technology, electrical appliances or you can say these modern life style instruments.
Sri Aurobindo did all his work in the Mental plane when he was in his physical body proving to us again that there is no need to leave our physical body to work in this plane. We just need to be able to over come physical, astral planes to be able to reach mental plane. For our understanding we can think , Sri Auro was able to reflect his works on the highest mental plane. ( I am not saying he worked only in mental plane, but he was an expert in higher mental planes and made ready Supra mental state for entire humanity who are ready to reach higher mental plane). So using Savitri Shakti he made available Supra mental state for the Humanity.
After death and after a few thousands of years (Not equal to a physical plane year) of stay in this plane, people reach the causal plane in their normal evolutionary process. This evolution can be done fast with spiritual practices.
Asana – Pranayama – Pratyahara will help in conquering this plane.


This is higher than mental plane and Gurudev carried out his work in this plane. Gurudev did his work when he was in physical body on all the planes described above by dividing his bodies into five for each plane ( Pancheekaran sadhana). The downside of the Savitri Sadhana is an extensive growth in materialism which made humans more selfish. Through collective Gayatri Sadhana, Gurudev again sought to balance it.
Dhyana- Dharana – Samadhi – will help conquering causal plane.

In Summary without going too much in to details we can understand this in simple terms.

  • We have certain time period for our physical body and also we have time periods in all other planes to complete our evolution. We leave our physical body to go to the astral plane and we have to do it for all other planes.
  • Each Master specializing in their respective fields have helped humanity to take them much ahead in their evolution, but humans with their selfish attitude always undermined their efforts by treating such material gains for personal gratification.
We know year 2000 is the  the Yug Sandhi period. This is the period when earth went in to the next stage in its evolution and the living beings on earth also reached their next stage in normal evolutionary process. But the divine plan, hastened by Masters efforts for faster human evolution, resulted in very fast material growth on earth in various fields. Gurudev worked in the mental plane with his mental body for the 10 years. Just imagine how Gurudev was able to compress and complete thousands of years normal evolutionary process in the mental plane into just 10 years.
Gurudev said, “I already did the work”. Yes if we can catch proper signals by putting our ego aside we can bring this to physical plane what Gurudev has already completed in mental plane. He has readied heavenly atmosphere for all of us. But the problem which stops us is that we think we know what Gurudev did for us. We can think only about the known, but how can we think about the unknown?

Gurudev did what he had to do, but it is our duty to bring that in physical plane, this is the only work we need to do. To bring their hard work in mental plane needs an instrument called physical body which we have. We have to allow them to work through us completely surrendering our Antahkaranas. In other words, we need to work physically on the same lines.

Imagine a heaven (Supra mental plane), a much higher plane, not in reach for our imagination, Masters have made it possible so we can enjoy that higher plane while still in the lower plane in our physical body .To gain this we need only two tools – Sradha and Prajna.
Yes Pujya Gurudev left his mental body in 2000 went in to causal level doing his work in that plane. May be he felt there is no need of his mental body after 2000.
We need to understand very important point here. Yoga, as Swami Vivekananda has said, may be regarded as a means of compressing one’s evolution in to a single life or a few years or even a few months of bodily existence.

Physical life average in physical body – 80 to 100 years.
Astral life -astral body – few hundred of years (Not equal to a physical plane year).
Mental life – Few thousands of years (Not equal to a physical plane year).

We can see how Gurudev completed few thousand years in just 10 years. He left his body in 1990 and said he will leave his Sookshma sharira and enter in to the Karana sharira by 2000. This is “Janma Janmonka anubandhan”. Not only our past, but also in the future for crores of years, we need to work in all the planes together as Gurudev’s disciples. There is no end in Guru – Sishya sambandha, when we can understand all planes. We can feel how strong and important our relationships with our parijans and Gurudev. This thought itself will bring love in us for others, because there are no others, just single consciousness working to reach the Anupadaka and Adi planes.

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Lesson of the lights

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Thanks to greenman023

Amazing amazing set of 4 videos! One of the best I have watched in recent times. I have been trying to understand the science of sacred  geometry for some time and have never ever understood the mystical explanations (probably because I am an engineer at heart), but thanks to Malcolm McEwan for the videos. I still dont understand totally what he is talking about but whatever it is, it is very compelling. Aspects of sacred geometry including Sri Chakra, Ten Sefriot and Swastika are explained scientifically. I have already downloaded his books and will try to write up another blog post about that.

Video 1: Quantum Plumb

Video 2: Realization

Video 3: Truth

Video 4: Warning

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Nature is always right

I have tried to condense the book “Nature is always right” by Dr. M. SriRamaKrishna into bullet points to serve as a reference so that I can get back and read this blog post often.


  • Remember always that our lives should be of service to others.
  • Krishna talks about Abhaya in the 16th chapter of Gita. We can fearlessness in life only if we live in accordance and in alignment with nature.
  • Benign nature assists us in each step, only then are we able to perform actions.
  • Always try to make use of opportunity that nature provides us with but never try to desire anything from her.
  • Our mantra should always be “Nature is always correct”. At this moment whatever is happening is right. We cannot change it. Krishna says in Bhagavat Gita that he is Time.
  • We cannot change what is happening. We can only accept and aspire to change what is to come.
  • Don’t live in the burden of the past.
  • we can take a correct decision only when it is clear that the present condition is right. Accept the present moment “as is”.
  • After accepting the present condition, now try to change or improve upon whatever might come.
  • Circumstances are not responsible for what we are. If we try to change ourselves, the circumstances around us automatically change. It might take some time though, depending on the previous samskaras and desires.
  • Time can be expanded or contracted based on the intensity of our effort and willpower.
  • More importance should be given in following the Guru’s teachings rather than following his physical body.
  • All genuine Gurus have something unique to offer. Whenever you hear about a great living saint, listen to them and thus assimilate what every great soul has to offer.
  • Lalitha Sahasranama clearly mentions that only in your last janma can you truly understand the essence of Sri Vidya.
  • There are 14 essential conditions to grasp spiritual knowledge. 6 chakras + 5 Koshas + 3 Granthis.
  • Until we realize that wherever nature has placed us and whatever it is offering you in the present moment is correct, we cannot step into spiritual life.
  • Guru’s grace flows and makes you overcome any obstacles when we grasp that whatever happening to you is right. Let nature decide if it has to remove the obstacle.
  • Don’t let fatalistic attitude creep in you though. It does not matter if you succeed at something or not but put in total intensity to the task at hand.
  • Nature is like our mother. She does not intend to hurt us. Even the so called destruction we see, is for our good. She does not hurt us, it is we who feel hurt.
  • We, who are in the lap of nature should perform all our actions whole heartedly. This is the basis for spiritual life.
  • Spirituality which cannot be practiced in daily life is not spirituality. True spiritualist performs service to the society.
  • You are not the doer, be happy that you are the instrument. It should be our mantra to work collectively for a noble cause whole-heartedly trying to change the circumstances for the better and at the same time accept whatever nature grants us as something that is best for us.




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Prenatal education in the Vedas

Yashoda Krishna

Thanks to Webolim.

Excellent expositions on the significance of prenatal education as mentioned in the Vedas. I am copying below two of the sessions that I found very fascinating.

Vedic Samskaras before child birth

Introduction: Samskaras are the Vedic rituals and ceremonies which are performed in special occasions like marriage, birth and death, to culture the psyche and the mind of the being. Among the sixteen Samskaras which are performed to culture the mind three samskaras are performed even before the birth of the child. Three Samskaras performed before the child delivery are -1. Garbhadanam, 2. Pumsavanam and Simanta- Unnayanam.

Garbhadhanam: Garbhadhanam is the ceremony of making the womb. It is a ritual which has to be conducted for sexual intercourse. Vedas unlike some religious texts never consider sex as sin. Sex also here is taken in the sense of worship. Sex in the micro level represents in the Vedas the cosmic Srishti in macro level. Srishti is the union of Prakriti and Purusha through which the things get manifested. In the same way sex is also a union through which the beings are born. Sex plays a vital role in giving birth to the children. The couple should have a tranquil mind when they get united through sex to bring a virtuous child. The couple should not get together in with a disturbed mind. This ceremony also is called as Ritu shanty which means the peace at due time and Samaveshana which means to enter together.

The couple after marriage should be in celibacy for three days. They should go to sleep together. But they should not have sex. When they lie each other, a samit (a wooden pestle) separates the couple in the bed. This creates a psychological balance. They get introduced to each other in all these three days. Only after three days the sex is permitted. This ritual is the consecration of both bija (seed-male) and kshetra (field-female). The ceremony starts with Anujna (Starting the ritual with the blessings of the elders.). The limbs of this ceremony to be performed in the morning are Achamana (sipping the water thrice), Vigneshvara Puja (worship of Lord Ganesha), Samkalpa (Resolution), Kumbha sthapanam (establishing the vessel with pure water with mango leaf and turmeric), Varuna & Vishnu Avahana (Charging Vishnu-power and Varuna power in the water), Shanti Japa (recitation of Mantras which make harmony with Vishnu Gayatri, opening Mantras of 4 Vedas, Suktas of Apa, Pavamana, Varuna, Vishnu, Rudra, Brahma, Sri and Purusha), Homa (offering the oblations in to the Divine in the fire; offering Samit with the recitation of Vishnu Sukta, offering Anna with the oblation of Brahma sukta and offering ghee with the oblation of Rudra sukta) and Jayadhi Homa (representing Indra’s Victory)

Evening: Aupasana (offering oblations to fire with Mantra)

Night: Samaveshana (having union)

Through all the morning rituals the soil gets prepared, as the minds of the couple stay in equilibrium and peace through the rituals. Even before having union few Mantras have to be recited to sanctify the process of sex. These Mantras pray for a good progeny which has to be fashioned by all Divine forces.

Pumsavanam: This ceremony is to get a heroic child. It is performed before the movement of fetus takes place, 2 to 4 months from the date of conception.

I day- Udaka shanty (Recitation of a collection of various important Mantras from the Vedas), Pratisara bandha (Tying the thread with turmeric as a protective force)

II day- Anujna (Getting the blessings to start the ritual), Homa in Aupasana Agni (offering the oblations to the Divine in the fire), Pouring the essence of banyan tree in the nostril of wife (Two girls who have not attained puberty bring Nyagrodha (banyan) shoots. Husband crushes them and pours the essence in the nostril of the wife. Nyagrodha represents heroism and Strength.)

Simanta- Unnayanam: This ceremony is conducted to make the pregnant woman happy. A happy woman gives birth to a healthy child. Through the psychological faculties like satisfaction, happiness, peace, harmony and bliss of the mother, child gets birth with health. In this occasion the husband fulfills any particular desire of wife. This ceremony makes her happy by decorating her with bangles, making her to hear soft Sama Veda music and also with fun and frolic. This ceremony is conducted in four to eight months after conception. The limbs of this ceremony are Udaka shanti japa, Pratisara bandha, Anujna, Homa, Simanta Unnayana (Parting of hair in the upward direction with consecrated porcupine Quill having white spots, bunch of darbha grass and a bunch of unripe fruits of Udumbara tree [symbol of fertility]), Veena gana (playing SamaVeda through Veena), tying shoots of corn (prosperity), Mouna (silence) and Meditation still stars appear, couple following the calf in north and Vyahruti japa facing east.


Jatakarma is a ritual which should be performed as soon as the child is born. Many of the psychological problems are related to the imbalance in the circumstance in which the child is born. To remove those imbalances this ritual is performed. Therefore this ritual is significant. As soon as the child is born it should feel very comfortable and it should feel that it is taken care and loved. Though the child does not know any language, it can feel. It can feel happy when it is loved and taken care. It can feel sad when it is getting ignored. Jatakarma is to show the child that it is taken care by the new relatives that it is seeing. Limbs of this ceremony are –

1. Touching the shoulders, keeping the child in the lap and kissing

2. Smelling the forehead and murmuring in the right ear

3. Feeding honey, ghee mixture through a dharba

4. Sprinkling of the water

5. Smearing the tongue with mixture

6. Keeping the child on the lap of the mother

7. Right breast feeding

8. Touching and addressing the ground where the child is born

9. Laying the child on the ground

10. Keeping the water vessel near the head of the child

11. Homa with mixture of mustard and husk to create fumigatory effects

Oblations are offered mainly to Maruts, Agni and Brihaspati

These are the various ceremonies prescribed in the Vedic texts to educate the child with love, peace and harmony. The child also gets educated with Mantra-power, meditation, symphony of SamaVeda and Yoga.


Sri Aurobindo and Mother on prenatal education

Spiritual seeding:

The higher souls have a freedom to choose their parents. They like to choose to be born in the pure hearted parents. Therefore if a person loves to get a great soul as a child he has to be spiritual. The parents who are pure hearted and have Divine aspiration are blessed with great souls as their children. But sometimes we see that right children are born to wrong parents. How it is possible? Sometimes the great souls deliberately chose the wrong parents or wrong clan for two reasons: 1. by the choice, the clan or parents can be transformed. 2. The great souls want to reveal that even with the lot of psychological pollution in atmosphere one is possible to grow spiritually. There is also a possibility of a great soul’s birth in a wrong atmosphere by mistake. But generally the great souls prefer to be born only to the spiritually qualified parents.

Preparation of soil:

The parents should be in a peaceful mood when the have union to fashion a virtuous child. Neither should be reluctant.

Psychological growth:

Once the embryo is getting developed in the womb it should be nurtured with the healthy atmosphere which includes serene music and rhythmic recitations of Mantra through which the child can be lulled to meditation. The parents should create a healthy environment to the child in the womb through that the child can aspire the righteousness.

Invoking the Divine:

The Divine forces should be invoked within to make the child potential and tranquil, as Kunti invoke the Divine forces like Indra, Yudhishtira, Vayu and Ashvins.

Children of future:

The children who are going to be born in future will have a higher intelligence and a higher receptivity. Therefore the parents should be eligible enough to nurture these children.


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Mantras, Words of Power : Sivananda Radha



External link:  Yashodhara Ashram

Excerpts from the book I just finished reading.

Every Mantra has six aspects:  a rishi or seer, a raga or melody, the Devata or presiding deity, a bija or seed sound, the Sakti or power and kilaka or pillar. The chanting or the recitation of the Mantras activates and accelerates the creative spiritual force promoting harmony in all parts of the human being. The devotee is gradually converted into a living center of spiritual vibration which is attuned to some other center of vibration vastly more powerful. This energy can be appropriated and directed for the benefit of the one who uses it and for that of others.

Chanting a Mantra with devotion and concentration attunes the individual through divine melody and has a harmonious influence over the whole body and mind. It is important to use the correct raga (melody) always, since precise rules govern the interrelation and sequences of sound. Each raga, which is a particular combination of sound, is claimed to reflect the laws of the universe and to be in perfect harmony with the universe at the time it is sounded. Since sound results from the union of the breath and intellect of a human being, the one who chants will be brought to harmony also.

Through constant repetition of the Mantra one becomes like a magnet attracting the spiritual power of the Mantra to oneself and becoming aware of the Self. This repetition gradually awakens the higher faculties in person and raises the consciousness towards the level of the mantric resonance. According to the Vedic teaching, “A Mantra has the power of releasing the Cosmic and Supra cosmic Consciousness” and it bestows freedom, ultimate illumination and immortality.

By reciting the Mantra you carry its force and power, and this will be a blessing for all those you meet. At times the mantric power may take over so that it will not even be necessary to speak.

Mantra Practice

At times during your Mantra practice, you may get in touch with emotions you did not know you had. Tears may arise that may have been held back since childhood. These tears are nothing to be ashamed of. They may be years of self pity or of regret at having wasted so many years. Sometimes they are a rejuvenating force that can refresh by washing away an accumulation of sadness.  Fainting may also occur particularly in prolonged group chanting because the atomic structure of the brain has to be changed to adjust to the new vibration to which it is being exposed. This is a genuine response to the power of the Mantra, and it will manifest as a noticeable change in the personality of the individual. There will be a tendency to rethink many concepts and new ideals will be established. there will be a growing desire to break free from limitations and a conscious striving to be on the spiritual path.

The student must learn how to control this energy when it arises. The method for doing so is very simple. It is necessary only to feel the feet placed firmly on the floor and to remind oneself that one is here, now in the physical world. Human beings are the bridge between two worlds, the world of the physical, material body and the unseen world.

At a later date in your spiritual practice you may be faced with the temptation of siddhis, the powers of extra sensory perception. These powers may be used for good purposes, but too often they are only a temptation to the ego. If you give in to this temptation you may fall even further from your spiritual goal than you were before you started the practice of chanting Mantra.


Benefits of using the Mantra

One of the results that comes quickly with the practice of Mantra is control of the breath which is the means by which we can develop the ability to control the emotions. In chanting we can give all our emotions to the Mantra, to the deity of the Mantra and ask that deity to help us gain control. Continued chanting will lead to greater awareness and the replacing of negative feelings with positive affirmations.

when emotions are purified they develop into love, which is an important step in the awakening of further levels of consciousness and the influence of the Mantra becomes very subtle. The Mantra is like a shield against all that is negative and disturbing. In chanting out the emotions from the ugliest to the most exalted, and giving them back to the One who gave them to you in the first place, you learn to accept both parts of yourself, the good and the bad, and to transcend the pairs of opposites.

Attention and therefore energy will be withdrawn from the old thought patterns which like tapes on a tape recorder, play over and over. These mental background back ground noises keep us tied to the past and future, to fearful imaginings and senseless fantasies, which cause our self created sufferings. The energy will now be channeled to the Most High, to a positive affirmation of one’s innermost Self.

Learning to surrender to the Mantra and to the energy of the Mantra puts in motion the process of purification of the Self, facing up to and eliminating selfishness, self glorification, self justification, and self gratification.

Through the use of the Mantra, a greater sensitivity, a refinement of the senses, comes about which may eventually bring you to the point where you can see with the inner eye and hear with the inner ear. When the inner ear is developed, the music of the spheres may be heard, music of such exquisite beauty as no instrument, no human voice is able to produce. The most important goal in chanting, however is Realization of the Self.


Mantra and healing

Mantras can have a healing effect by releasing the motions and bringing out a state of calmness and deep relaxation both in the chanter and in anyone listening. With the mind relaxed, the source of the disease and the hidden roots of conflict may come to the surface where they can be dealt with.

When you chant or recite a Mantra for someone, visualize that person well and healthy. Do not picture the individual in a sick state, as such an image has remarkable power. Instead invoke the image of Tara or Krishna or Siva or Jesus and, in full expectation, see the person standing in the radiance of Light. Let the healing force flow through you, never from you, and think of the energy of the Mantra as that healing Light. Wrap the individual in a spiral of Light so that he or she becomes barely visible and let the image of the spiral move to the source of all Light. Now focus your attention on the chanting.

If you have spoken negatively of someone you can undo the negativity by quickly chanting a Mantra and surrounding the person with Light and with the power of the Mantra. Ask that your weakness not affect the person and ask to be forgiven. You can also use Mantra to help people you dont know. When you hear a fire or ambulance siren, for example say “Om Namah Shivaya, Somebody is in need. Let there be help.” If you see pictures in magazines or on television of people killed or injured in war zones, put them in the Light with Mantra.

When you chant for others, be sure that you are acting out of compassion and not just sympathy. Be aware of any desire to influence the outcome of any strong emotional response. You must keep your own will out of the way, surrendering to the power of the Mantra.

When we chant a Mantra, we definitely change the sick person’s state of mind. We can relax the person and gently probe into the depths of the soul or the mind to find out what resistance we may have to deal with. We can try to help lift the person’s burdens. Perhaps we can point out the the Divine can be trusted, that we have many good reasons for his trust.


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