Nature is always right

I have tried to condense the book “Nature is always right” by Dr. M. SriRamaKrishna into bullet points to serve as a reference so that I can get back and read this blog post often.


  • Remember always that our lives should be of service to others.
  • Krishna talks about Abhaya in the 16th chapter of Gita. We can fearlessness in life only if we live in accordance and in alignment with nature.
  • Benign nature assists us in each step, only then are we able to perform actions.
  • Always try to make use of opportunity that nature provides us with but never try to desire anything from her.
  • Our mantra should always be “Nature is always correct”. At this moment whatever is happening is right. We cannot change it. Krishna says in Bhagavat Gita that he is Time.
  • We cannot change what is happening. We can only accept and aspire to change what is to come.
  • Don’t live in the burden of the past.
  • we can take a correct decision only when it is clear that the present condition is right. Accept the present moment “as is”.
  • After accepting the present condition, now try to change or improve upon whatever might come.
  • Circumstances are not responsible for what we are. If we try to change ourselves, the circumstances around us automatically change. It might take some time though, depending on the previous samskaras and desires.
  • Time can be expanded or contracted based on the intensity of our effort and willpower.
  • More importance should be given in following the Guru’s teachings rather than following his physical body.
  • All genuine Gurus have something unique to offer. Whenever you hear about a great living saint, listen to them and thus assimilate what every great soul has to offer.
  • Lalitha Sahasranama clearly mentions that only in your last janma can you truly understand the essence of Sri Vidya.
  • There are 14 essential conditions to grasp spiritual knowledge. 6 chakras + 5 Koshas + 3 Granthis.
  • Until we realize that wherever nature has placed us and whatever it is offering you in the present moment is correct, we cannot step into spiritual life.
  • Guru’s grace flows and makes you overcome any obstacles when we grasp that whatever happening to you is right. Let nature decide if it has to remove the obstacle.
  • Don’t let fatalistic attitude creep in you though. It does not matter if you succeed at something or not but put in total intensity to the task at hand.
  • Nature is like our mother. She does not intend to hurt us. Even the so called destruction we see, is for our good. She does not hurt us, it is we who feel hurt.
  • We, who are in the lap of nature should perform all our actions whole heartedly. This is the basis for spiritual life.
  • Spirituality which cannot be practiced in daily life is not spirituality. True spiritualist performs service to the society.
  • You are not the doer, be happy that you are the instrument. It should be our mantra to work collectively for a noble cause whole-heartedly trying to change the circumstances for the better and at the same time accept whatever nature grants us as something that is best for us.





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3 responses to “Nature is always right

  1. Thanks friend,
    really nice phrases, specially that one “Don’t Lieve in the burden of past” and “Accept the present moment as is”. I just love to read these kinds of inspirational spiritual things. :-)) thanksss Dear and God Bless You, and listen here I am sharing my favourite link with you, I hope you like it.

  2. Thank you Rose for the wonderful link. I am highly impressed by the Soul Curry magazine and have bookmarked it.
    God Bless you!

  3. Very interesting and highly useful. And, by the way, a very good job of summarizing! Best wishes.

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