Lesson of the lights

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Thanks to greenman023

Amazing amazing set of 4 videos! One of the best I have watched in recent times. I have been trying to understand the science of sacred  geometry for some time and have never ever understood the mystical explanations (probably because I am an engineer at heart), but thanks to Malcolm McEwan for the videos. I still dont understand totally what he is talking about but whatever it is, it is very compelling. Aspects of sacred geometry including Sri Chakra, Ten Sefriot and Swastika are explained scientifically. I have already downloaded his books and will try to write up another blog post about that.

Video 1: Quantum Plumb

Video 2: Realization

Video 3: Truth

Video 4: Warning


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  1. hi dhriti,

    thanks for the compliment! much appreciated and I have something for you.. not just for you admittedly but I will soon be launching a blog called conceptual reflections in which I hope to share a lot more…
    the blog is not active but will be a sub domain of w43w.com and so should have the address of conceptual-reflections.w43w.com. w43w.com is a domain I own and it stands for what I believe in “working for a free world” and we have great plans for this! very pleased to read that my videos have proved useful “Mushallah!”

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