Planes of consciousness

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What does Pujya Gurudev (Pt. Sri Ram Sharma Acharya) mean when he said that by 2000, his body will transform from ” Sookshma” to ” Karan”?

Let us understand the planes and sub planes first.
Adi plane First – Which we do not understand as yet
Anupadaka plane – Monadic – Which we do not understand as yet
Aatma plane – Spiritual – Our Gurus work at this level
Budhic plane – Intuitional- Bhava samvedana State
Manas plane
                    Higher Manas – Supra mental state
                    Lower manas – All intellectual persons ,scientists are in this state
Kama plane – Anybody who have attained something in physical plane are in this plane, Business men, Sports stars etc.
Sthool plane – only physical

Each of the above planes have 7 sub planes.


Whatever exists in physical plane comes from a plane higher than this. So we can understand all physical is the reflection of the higher. All ideas originate from higher planes. But when it reaches the mental level different people understand the message according to their mental capability and the mental status. So he message will obviously change. The lower mind does not allow us to think as a “Whole”. It always tries to break the Whole into smaller parts like “I”. It is because of this selfish thought imposed on the ideas, the presentation and the actions change.

This is the reason why we chant “Akhanda mandalakaram vyaaptam ena chara charam” sloka as a precursor to understand anything in our meditation or Puja. This is how we try to train our mind to learn to surrender and think as one single consciousness. This consciousness will allow us to understand the right signals sent from the higher planes.

Yamas – will help in conquering this plane.


Normal people can only work with their physical body, when they are alive. Few people cannot even use their physical body effectively. When one attains control on physical body he can start the work in astral plane right away in dream state. In dream state we reach astral plane. In the way we have schools here to teach about our physical life, there are schools in the astral plane to teach about astral life also. After physical death people with good understanding and training in these planes will start helping, working in this plane.
(It may be asked how it is that an astral entity becomes aware of a physical cry, or an accident. The answer is that any cry which has in it a strong feeling or emotion would produce an effect upon the astral plane, and would convey exactly the same idea there as on the physical plane. In the case of an accident the rush of emotion caused by pain or fright would flame out like a great light, and could not fail to attract the attention of an astral entity )
But normally people who are habituated to perform daily Puja, meditation etc with an awareness of these planes, can raise themselves to higher levels to work in astral plane when they are alive. Every day they can work in dream state knowingly and unknowingly with their masters or co-disciples. So there is no need to leave our physical body to work in this plane.

But after death and after a few hundred years (Not equal to a physical plane year) stay in astral plane people will reach the mental plane in their normal evolutionary process leaving their astral body. This evolution can be hastened with spiritual practices.
Niyamas – will help in conquering this plane.


All big discoveries by scientist are the ideas sent from higher planes which they got in their lower mental plane (in the 3rd sub plane).
The modern technology marvels that we are enjoying are the result of the work done in the mental plane by the Masters for faster human evolution. We can also understand this as Savitri Shakti. Sri Aurobindo completed all work required for this state for the evolution of planet earth which has resulted in vast development of materialism , technology, electrical appliances or you can say these modern life style instruments.
Sri Aurobindo did all his work in the Mental plane when he was in his physical body proving to us again that there is no need to leave our physical body to work in this plane. We just need to be able to over come physical, astral planes to be able to reach mental plane. For our understanding we can think , Sri Auro was able to reflect his works on the highest mental plane. ( I am not saying he worked only in mental plane, but he was an expert in higher mental planes and made ready Supra mental state for entire humanity who are ready to reach higher mental plane). So using Savitri Shakti he made available Supra mental state for the Humanity.
After death and after a few thousands of years (Not equal to a physical plane year) of stay in this plane, people reach the causal plane in their normal evolutionary process. This evolution can be done fast with spiritual practices.
Asana – Pranayama – Pratyahara will help in conquering this plane.


This is higher than mental plane and Gurudev carried out his work in this plane. Gurudev did his work when he was in physical body on all the planes described above by dividing his bodies into five for each plane ( Pancheekaran sadhana). The downside of the Savitri Sadhana is an extensive growth in materialism which made humans more selfish. Through collective Gayatri Sadhana, Gurudev again sought to balance it.
Dhyana- Dharana – Samadhi – will help conquering causal plane.

In Summary without going too much in to details we can understand this in simple terms.

  • We have certain time period for our physical body and also we have time periods in all other planes to complete our evolution. We leave our physical body to go to the astral plane and we have to do it for all other planes.
  • Each Master specializing in their respective fields have helped humanity to take them much ahead in their evolution, but humans with their selfish attitude always undermined their efforts by treating such material gains for personal gratification.
We know year 2000 is the  the Yug Sandhi period. This is the period when earth went in to the next stage in its evolution and the living beings on earth also reached their next stage in normal evolutionary process. But the divine plan, hastened by Masters efforts for faster human evolution, resulted in very fast material growth on earth in various fields. Gurudev worked in the mental plane with his mental body for the 10 years. Just imagine how Gurudev was able to compress and complete thousands of years normal evolutionary process in the mental plane into just 10 years.
Gurudev said, “I already did the work”. Yes if we can catch proper signals by putting our ego aside we can bring this to physical plane what Gurudev has already completed in mental plane. He has readied heavenly atmosphere for all of us. But the problem which stops us is that we think we know what Gurudev did for us. We can think only about the known, but how can we think about the unknown?

Gurudev did what he had to do, but it is our duty to bring that in physical plane, this is the only work we need to do. To bring their hard work in mental plane needs an instrument called physical body which we have. We have to allow them to work through us completely surrendering our Antahkaranas. In other words, we need to work physically on the same lines.

Imagine a heaven (Supra mental plane), a much higher plane, not in reach for our imagination, Masters have made it possible so we can enjoy that higher plane while still in the lower plane in our physical body .To gain this we need only two tools – Sradha and Prajna.
Yes Pujya Gurudev left his mental body in 2000 went in to causal level doing his work in that plane. May be he felt there is no need of his mental body after 2000.
We need to understand very important point here. Yoga, as Swami Vivekananda has said, may be regarded as a means of compressing one’s evolution in to a single life or a few years or even a few months of bodily existence.

Physical life average in physical body – 80 to 100 years.
Astral life -astral body – few hundred of years (Not equal to a physical plane year).
Mental life – Few thousands of years (Not equal to a physical plane year).

We can see how Gurudev completed few thousand years in just 10 years. He left his body in 1990 and said he will leave his Sookshma sharira and enter in to the Karana sharira by 2000. This is “Janma Janmonka anubandhan”. Not only our past, but also in the future for crores of years, we need to work in all the planes together as Gurudev’s disciples. There is no end in Guru – Sishya sambandha, when we can understand all planes. We can feel how strong and important our relationships with our parijans and Gurudev. This thought itself will bring love in us for others, because there are no others, just single consciousness working to reach the Anupadaka and Adi planes.


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