The glory of Gayatri

Source: Super Science of Gayatri


  • No other mantra has been worshipped and chanted as much as Gayatri Mantra. Since ages highly elevated souls have been practising Gayatri Sadhana. Thus, a huge mass of highly elevated spiritual energy has been accumulated in subtle celestial spheres (loks) enveloping the earth.

  • It is a scientific truth that no sound or idea ever perishes. Whatever is uttered or thought today will spread in the space along with its waves and will remain there till infinity in some state or the other. Waves which are most powerful remain specifically alive.

  • With the help of the stair-case built by the devotees of Gayatri in the past we can easily attain the  fruits of Gayatri Sadhana .

  • By these past Sadhanas powerful energy fields have been created in the subtle spheres by tuning into which we can march ahead with great speed.

  • One who observes deeply by meditation and contemplation, the trinities gets the same spiritual merit as one gets in the material world by taking a dip in Triveni. These various trios represent various kinds of problems which the Sadhak is required to face and by solving which he attains the ultimate goal of self-realisation.

  • Gayatri has three phases and so it is called tripada. It is also called tripada because it is Vedmata, Devmata and Vishwamata.

  • Vedas have originated from Gayatri mantra and so it is known as Vedmata.

  • It is Devmata because  it helps in manifestation of divine virtues (gun),
    actions (karma) and nature (swabhav).

  • It gives inspiration for establishment of universal family “Vasudhaiva kutumbakam” and so it is known as Vishwamata.

  • The letters of Gayatri mantra are interwoven in such a manner that by their utterance special vibrations are created and the secret subtle centres of energy within the Sadhak get activated and awakened, manifesting their paranormal potencies.



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4 responses to “The glory of Gayatri

  1. manukalia

    Wonderful insight on Gayatri mantra. Was the first mantra I learned as a child. Still remember it clearly and recite it.

  2. Gayatri Mantra is a highly revered manta and chanting this mantra bring happiness in life and shields from difficulties or miseries in life. The sound of this Mantra can lift the believer towards the higher self. This is my experience.

    Very informative Article and well written. Keep up the good work.

  3. Dr Vinay Hazarey

    Pt. Shree Ram Sharma Aacharyji has examplified the concept of adding spiritual connectivity to dynamics of leadership in serving humanity through his mission “YUG NIRMAN YOJANA”. I found the answer for Why Gayatree Sadhana through collective prayers and Swadhyay is necessary ? Indeed a process for “Growing Within”.Respectful Regards to GURUDEV.

  4. @Dr.Hazarey: Thanks for the comment and I would like to know more about your findings. It would be worth spreading such ideas in times like these.

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