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Sacred site of Niagara Falls


Niagara falls was a sacred site to the Native Indian tribes
who used this as a meditation site because of the tremendous energy
that site emanated.

Energy vortex:

Link: http://snoedel. php?r=1&id= 388717&tbl_ archief=1

One example of an enormous energy vortex, that does not house a
portal, is Niagara Falls. The plasma created by the ions released
from the massive crashing of water is extremely powerful, and
extremely beneficial to ones physical healing and emotional well
being. A higher field of energy exist there, because the ratio of
anions to cations in the plasmic field creates a very tangible sense
of well being and elation. Niagara Falls is indeed a potent
powernode, an enormous vortex complex spins there, but it is not a
portal. This ratio of cation to anion is the same benevolent effect
that makes ocean beaches with crashing waves, so robustly pleasant,
and natural aquifer springs so inviting.

Claiming Sacred Grounds:

Link: http://tinyurl. com/5nhmqh
On page 30, the author mentions that Niagara Falls is conducive to
quiet meditation, healing, past life recall and electro-magnetic
vortexes which combine the two types of features.

Dragon ritual drummers at Niagara:


Link: http://dragonritual drummers. com/myths. htm
The original inhabitants of the Niagara area were worshipers of
serpent power and placated the deity they believed lived in (and was
itself) the falls. We have uncovered and awoken a forgotten water
dragon power that can heal and transform those that invoke
him.Dragons guard the gates to the netherworlds, protect the earth
and all its inhabitants, and possess the knowledge and prophesy of
the world.
Dragon dens are sacred places, sources of the Earth’s energies and
spiritual power; The dragon of Niagara has his lair behind Niagara
falls. The giant feathered serpent dwells within the myths of the
natives from Mexico to the United States, and the serpent mounds in
America (one in Ontario) are well known power spots to many.

Ley lines and pentagram of the Great Lakes:



Link: http://tinyurl. com/63wf7f

Visually one can see the relationship (of Niagara falls and Seneca
falls) as the closed fist of Seneca falls opening into the full
expansion as the hand into the great lakes (opening up like a
heart?). Hold a fist to your chest on the Mount Ascutney point, take
your heart energy into your clasped fist and release it into the
world as you extend your arm and open your hand into the waters of
the Great Lakes.


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Krishna Nee Begane by Hariharan

Sung in the presence of Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba

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Perfect Palindrome



I recently came across an excellent book on popular mathematics by Martin Gardner. The book is such an intellectual stimulation and Martin does a great job in explaining and simplifying seemingly complicated theories in Mathematics. It can be mistaken as one of those “Dummies” book, but definitely much more than a mere introduction to mathematical theory and puzzles. Gardner arouses in the reader a passion for math and makes it really fun. I quote Keith Devlin of Stanford University and he had this to say on Gardner:

“Newton said that his many mathematical accomplishments came because he stood on the shoulders of giants. For those of us who have tried to make mathematics accessible to a wider audience, there is one giant who towers well above anyone else: Martin Gardner.”

In the chapter on Palindromes, Gardner talks about so many interesting facts on Palindromes and the interesting research carried out in this field of number theory.  Palindrome is usually defined as a word, sentence or a set of sentences that spell the same backward and forward. The term is also applicable to integers that are unchanged when they are reversed. Palindromes have their analogues in other fields: melodies that are the same backward, paintings and designs with mirror reflection symmetry, the bilateral symmetry of animals and men.

But one thing really caught my eye. When Gardner published his article on Palindromes in Scientific American there was a response from George L. Hart who was one of the reader of Gardner’s article. Dr. Hart’s letter (which was published in Scientific American, 1970), offered a classical palindrome in Sanskrit, a poem of 32 syllables called Sarvatobhadra – ‘perfect in every direction.’ It goes something like this:




Such beauty and symmetry in the poem and in the language of Sanskrit. By the way check a limited preview of Martin Gardners book here. Also George Hart himself is an authority himself in the languages of Sanskrit and Tamil having obtained his PhD from Harvard University and an Emeritus Professor at UC Berkeley.

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The Master of five elements



(Professor Anil Kumar has presented this talk as an extra satsang. He has selected important messages Baba has imparted to the students gathered around Him during the afternoon sessions on the verandah at Prashanti Nilayam)

Then the sixth: It was a cloudy day. The clouds were all over, and it also started to rain.
Bhagavan looked at the clouds and said, "Stop."
And He told all the boys, "Don’t worry, they are only passing clouds. It won’t rain; everything will be perfect."
Believe me or not, the rain stopped immediately! When He said ‘stop,’ that ended the matter. Why? Who did He ask to stop? Maybe the rain god, maybe the clouds to stop their  business
that’s all! Immediately it stopped!

It is a matter of knowledge and awareness for all of us to know that Baba is the Master of the five elements. He can control rain. He can control fire. He can control any of the five elements. Most of you know most of you must have heard this. Well, I’m a witness to that. Many times it so happens that it rains everywhere in Puttaparthi, but not in Prashanti Nilayam. Many times it has happened that rain starts at the end of a discourse, when all devotees have already returned home. When all the devotees have dispersed, when they have all returned to their homes, then the rain will start. It has happened many times, I am a witness.

So, Bhagavan controls all the elements the five elements. Most of you must have also come to know of a miracle that Indra Devi wrote about in her book. There was a fire everywhere, all over in Los Angeles, California. Indra Devi was conducting yoga  classes there and said to her students, "We’re helpless now the fire is all around us. Just sit down where you are and chant, ‘Sai Ram’."
They were all chanting, "Om Sri Sai Ram, Om Sri Sai Ram."
What happened? After ten minutes, the fire got extinguished on its own! Many things had happened all around the area, but the building where the class was held was safe and secure. This is proof that Baba is the Master of all the five elements.

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