The Master of five elements



(Professor Anil Kumar has presented this talk as an extra satsang. He has selected important messages Baba has imparted to the students gathered around Him during the afternoon sessions on the verandah at Prashanti Nilayam)

Then the sixth: It was a cloudy day. The clouds were all over, and it also started to rain.
Bhagavan looked at the clouds and said, "Stop."
And He told all the boys, "Don’t worry, they are only passing clouds. It won’t rain; everything will be perfect."
Believe me or not, the rain stopped immediately! When He said ‘stop,’ that ended the matter. Why? Who did He ask to stop? Maybe the rain god, maybe the clouds to stop their  business
that’s all! Immediately it stopped!

It is a matter of knowledge and awareness for all of us to know that Baba is the Master of the five elements. He can control rain. He can control fire. He can control any of the five elements. Most of you know most of you must have heard this. Well, I’m a witness to that. Many times it so happens that it rains everywhere in Puttaparthi, but not in Prashanti Nilayam. Many times it has happened that rain starts at the end of a discourse, when all devotees have already returned home. When all the devotees have dispersed, when they have all returned to their homes, then the rain will start. It has happened many times, I am a witness.

So, Bhagavan controls all the elements the five elements. Most of you must have also come to know of a miracle that Indra Devi wrote about in her book. There was a fire everywhere, all over in Los Angeles, California. Indra Devi was conducting yoga  classes there and said to her students, "We’re helpless now the fire is all around us. Just sit down where you are and chant, ‘Sai Ram’."
They were all chanting, "Om Sri Sai Ram, Om Sri Sai Ram."
What happened? After ten minutes, the fire got extinguished on its own! Many things had happened all around the area, but the building where the class was held was safe and secure. This is proof that Baba is the Master of all the five elements.


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