Need of the hour – Pt. SriRam Sharma Acharya

Clarion call of “Spiritual scientist, yogi, philosopher, psychologist, writer, reformer, freedom fighter, researcher, eminent scholar and visionary”

Dated: September 13, 1978 – Shantikunj

“When you leave from here make sure you pass on this message to everyone, say it to your kin a hundred times, repeat it to yourself a hundred times and in case you come in contact with any awakened soul tell him that Mahakaal has sent an invitation – an invitation to donate one’s time. When you come in contact with people, whoever does Bhajan, performs Puja, tell them that if they wish to enjoy the bliss of divine boons from god and intend to assist god then do inform them that guruji, Mahakaal, and time is pleading them to donate their time. If you have time please give that time to us – for the development of the new era (Navyug Nirmaan) , for relief rescues, to face the pain and suffering, to be a part of promoting the good activities and to fight against the evil tendencies. The god is pleading with his two hands together to come to rescue in these trouble times. If you are capable of it please come forward. Donation of time is possible only for those who have a control on their materialistic needs. The rest can never find time. I have said what is to be said”.

The End! Om Shanthi!

Pt.Shriram Sharma Acharya



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2 responses to “Need of the hour – Pt. SriRam Sharma Acharya

  1. Sweta shah

    Guru g,
    I am very lucky to have u as my Guru. I really believe on u. I have faith on u. Please, please gurudevG…Always keep my family happy…and complete every wishes of my mum and dad..
    Thank u very much…..

    • Quelle belle sélection !!! Je joue !Je suis une maman active et corÃurit¨ue, avec une petite fille de presque 4 ans et un petit gars d’à peine plus d’un an…

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