Sahasra Poorna Chandra Darshanam – A Divine Perspective


Courtesy: A Sai Devotee

The Sahasra Poorna Chandra Darshanam stands as a joyous confluence signifying the completion of 82 years in the divine mission of Sri Sathya Sai. Sahasra chandra darshanam refers to seeing 1000 full moons in ones life. With a full moon in every month, we have 12 full months every year and with a subsequent inclusion of the extended months; we would have 1000 full moons in 82 years.

The nine planets take 120 years to complete a cycle. Astrology assigns 120 years to human life. at the age of 60, people conduct UGRA RATHA SHANTI seeking Divine benediction, popularly known as Shashti Poorthi. When one crosses 70 years of age BHEEMA RATHA SHANTI would be held in honour of “Bheema ratha”, Shiva the embodiment of time. When one reaches 82 years of age, Sahasra Chandradarshanam would be celebrated. Vedas refer to this as “ASEETIDVAYAM” and hence it is also called as Vedayushya.
Traditionally, what happens during this Sahasra Chandra Darshanam? A person completing this age would be given ceremonial showers and would be adorned with new clothes. Vedic hymns would be recited by the vedic scholars. A holy vessel signifying the Lord Lakshminarayana, flanked by sun and moon- the symbols of flow of time, would be installed on either side and worshipped subsequently. The holy water collected in the kalasham would then be vitalized with Vedic hymns using different kinds of leaves namely mango, peepal, banyan etc. The presiding deities of the nine planets would then be pleased through a sacrifice. After this holy ablutions would be given to Lord Shiva accompanied by the recitation of the Namakam and Chamakam. The person completing 82 years would then be made to occupy a prominent throne. He would be given a bath with holy waters from all the sacred rivers along with many other precious gems etc. Subsequently all the Vedic scholars would be honored with generous gifts.
This generosity is believed to wash away all the sins and grant liberation. The mere sight of the person who undertakes this Vedic exercise is believed to confer immense good fortune. Generally the great grandsons would organize and conduct this ritual in celebration of their great grandfather completing 82 years of age. The whole ritual is undertaken for ones own benefit.
But today we are going to witness this holy ritual being organized and conducted by an incarnation to bring upon peace and happiness in the world. The purity of human expression makes the grandeur of this spectacle impossible to comprehend. Sages of the yore have transformed themselves as His great grandsons to conduct this ritual. Chandra- the moon signifies coolness and acts as a source of joy to all the worlds.


In Krita yuga the mighty king who upheld the truth came to be called as “Satya Harishchandra” . In Treta the Lord was called as “Sree Rama Chandra”. In Dwapara He was addressed as “Krishna Chandra” and today the same lord has witnessed thousand moons and is extolled as “Sathya Sai Chandra”. The effulgence of this “Sathya Sai Chandra” has blessed every nook and corner of the world. The installation of Holy vessels in this case has taken place long ago. With His will He brought the Holy Ganges from the hair locks of Shiva into his own heart and then quenched the thirst of thousands of parched throats.
Revitalizing the slumbering lives of rural India and assuring of His grace and support, He has encouraged them to move ahead to touch the horizons of happiness. Blessing thousands of students with the knowledge of the higher Self and sending them forth to this wide world, this unrivalled master of Divine perfection has granted the boon of knowledge and wisdom to the hearts of humanity.
As a Chandra of life, he has transformed countless tears of grief into tears of gratitude by curing ailments of the body, mind and the soul. His grace has touched innumerable people and has given immeasurable comfort and consolation to the lives of the poor and needy, the sick and the down trodden in the form of free Medicare. Upholding the cross of Dharma he has become the Lord of forbearance spreading across the message of brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God. He has unified the dogmas of faith and the shackles of religion.
As an eternal confluence of countless faiths and varied beliefs, the Lord has shone forth in immeasurable brilliance and transformed the wicked to wise, the sinner to saint, the unrighteous to righteous and the mortal into immortal. The dense forests of human hearts infected by agitation, jealousy, selfishness, hunger and thirst have been transformed into the enchanting edifices of peace, love, service and kindness through the touch of this “Sai Chandra”
We are the sons, daughters, grandchildren, relatives, near and dear to the Lord who is beyond the ties of family and yet considers this vast humanity as His family. Lord, we are like the stars that shine around the “Moon of compassion” in the infinite scarlet. Many amongst us might not have witnessed our own fathers and grandfathers celebrating this Vedic ritual and yet we rejoice for we witness an occasion that eternity would cherish in its deepest hearts as the
fondest memory.
This rare opportunity is bestowed upon all the humanity who are here and elsewhere in the world experiencing this joy Divine. This occasion has the vast sky as its roof; the demigods of heavens perform the holy ablution to this Lord of universe with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and all the various kinds of gems. Oh Lord thine is the throne, the earth and thine umbrella is the scarlet up above, the gods of high heavens are the audience. The Vedas and the creator Brahma are the priests. Oh lord the affluence of compassion that has chiseled new lives from hopeless sighs of helplessness is thy consort.
Every soul that has seen thee and spread thy love to every heart that encounters him is thy child. The majestic flow of water that quenches every thirsty throat is thy daughter. The king, the pauper, young and the old, the reformer, the scientist, the evangelist, the monk, the child, the theist and the atheist have knelt in the presence of thy Love and were dissolved into an existence that no experience could wrought and no expression could ever confer comprehension to it.
Dear Lord, address us till eternity as Bangaroo(Dear ones/ golden ones) and pave the paths of our evolution with gold. Thou art the mighty one. Thou art the moon that sustains the magic of Love, that weaves the miracles of faith, that nourishes the seeds of devotion, that goads the lost, the guides the seers, that transforms the mortals, the chisels God from man.
Thou art the infinite effulgent embodiment of the Truth, the sacred, the light, the sacrifice, the joy, the bliss, the strength, the struggle, the mortal, the immortal, the indifferent, the equanimous, the wealth, the knowledge, the inquiry, the ability, the nobility, the freedom, the virtue and the supreme.
In thine eyes Oh Lord, we witness the brilliance that stirs the lifeless nothingness into a cosmic evolution of creation, the marvel that spurs consciousness in energy. Thee shall hold such celebrations countless in number and we shall stand as witnesses. Muted in expression by thy grandeur the whole earth shall submerge in the roars of happy voices that echo thy supremacy.


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