(Q&A with Mohanji)


Anxieties are not going away. Fears are increasing. Times seem to be bad. Please help.
It is essential to understand the situation fully in order to overcome it. Walking the path, you must. I shall explain an average human existence:
A soul takes birth as a human body (in this story – as a man). His childhood is spent in blissful abandon, as a child immersed in seeking playfulness and fun. He is ignorant of his true state. He is also anxious about proving himself and being better than his friends.
Then he becomes a youth and spends most of his adolescent years in a struggle to gain recognition and position in society. Adolescence puts him in a kind of no man’s land. Neither here nor there. He struggles to carve an image and position for himself. He is also keen to have a girl of his dreams as his partner – a lot of time and energy is spent in fantasies and daydreaming. He is anxious about proving himself in every aspect of life.
As an adult, he is busy with carving a life for himself and his family. He is also immersed in earning money, educating his children, building a house for himself, securing his old age, etc. He runs all over in a struggle or race to create the life of his dreams, forgetting to enjoy the present and always being anxious about the future. As he grows older, helplessness increases and so does associated anger and frustration. He also builds up expectations about his children and if they do not fall within the frame of his expectations, he falls sick and disillusioned. Sometimes he also pampers his children too much and in turn they kick him around.

He prays to his Gods, ritualistically, offers a part of his earning to appease gods, expecting tangible favors in return. He lives in a world of dreams and expectations, in a continuous struggle and anxiety.
Old Age – he is retired. People are not respecting him as they used to, as then the respect came out of compulsion or due to his official/social position, and not due to selfless service rendered to society.

He has become insignificant, and is now simply existing in his hard won home, which is already taken over by his children. Often, he is a baby – sitter of his grand children or a temporary watchman when his children travel out. He often feels like a doormat. He is weak and helpless. He craves for his past glory and yearns for respect. He is anxious about his relatives going away and is not sure whether he will be properly attended to. Sometimes he also fears that he could be dumped into some old age home as unwanted burden. Anxieties rule him. He silently nurses his sickness too. He spends sleepless nights filled with fears and anxieties, but during the day he puts on a mask of overconfidence, rigidity and grouchyness. Whenever left alone, he secretly cries over his helplessness.
Silently, during one such night, he leaves his body. At that time, he realizes how all the ego built on the sand castle of his achievements and possessions over the years actually meant nothing. He realizes how futile everything was. He regretted that never, not for even one moment, he got connected to his own soul. He forgot everything in the struggle to create an existence, name and fame. However, it was only at the time of death that this profound realization dawned on him – the only thing that ever mattered was his own soul! The soul was in-charge. The soul was running the show. The very reason why he assumed the body was to fulfill the mission that his soul had – but he never even bothered to introspect and enquire what this mission was. All of this was a late realization as it came at the time when his soul was already leaving the body. Too late for any correction now.

This is the story of the existence of an average man. Unconscious youth, egoistic adulthood, anxious old age and the most certain death. Unfulfilled wishes and another birth in another womb. The continuous stream of birth and death. The soul carries on, without complaints.
Please be aware –
In the next 100 years even the child born today will not be existing on this Earth. It will be a completely new set of people. Many souls walked on this Earth before you, with the same feelings and emotions, many souls will walk this Earth after you, with the same feelings and emotions hat you have now. Understand your significance in these relative terms.
Now, it is time to introspect. What is worth and what is not? Observe your life from the perspective of your soul. Even when attempting to understand your relationships, see them from the perspective of the soul. All relationships are as important as relativity and are a matter of inevitability. Are you that or are you beyond that? This question must be pondered on. Nobody owns another person in any way – even though you may disagree with me on this aspect. Even if two people are married, both of them do not own each other. They came together only because their karmic vasanas (inherent traits with emotions attached) were similiar. That’s all. An individual is essentially an individual and an independant karmic being. This must be clearly understood in order to curtail expectations towards others. A person will perform upto your expectation only if your wishes and his/her karmic agendas tally perfectly well. Whether it be your parents, wife, husband, daughter or son, the same rule applies. Be aware of this.

Awareness of the macro existence will take anxieties away. Anxieties are only in the mental plane. Mind likes to hold on to fears for its own existence. At your soul level, there are no anxieties or fears. Soul has no guilt either. All this exists only in the conscious mind, as well as in your hard drive – the sub-conscious.
Good or bad times are derived out of collective consciousness. When a generation lives in fear, hatred and anger, they invite agony into their own life, one way or the other. When a generation lives in love and kindness, they create that reality. Therefore, there is no point in blaming the times. Times are created by all of us, collectively. As thought is the first level of creation, energy is released. If thoughts are negative, they conglomerate with such similiar thoughts and become an event. This is how events are formed.
We have to tackle good and bad. Have faith in yourself – your SELF, the non-perishable entity, the God that lives within the temple of your body – your very soul. Also, have faith in the supreme entity – the GOD or the Supreme Soul. This kind of faith will diminish your anxieties and fears. You cannot leave the mind in a vacuum state. It must be substituted with faith. So, start contacting your soul through your breath and slowly internalise your focus. The less you are external, the lesser your cravings will be. The lesser your anxieties will be.

God Bless All
LOVE and only LOVE


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