(Q&A with Mohanji)


Does enlightenment mean giving up everything?
No. Enlightenment means giving in to everything in perfect equanimity. Nothing affects you anymore. Giving up is renunciation. That too, if you give up consciously, while the desire still exists in your sub-conscious, will not work. You have to exhaust your desires and evolve further. Then it will stay. No desire can be suppressed and moved forward. Circumstantial suppression is not elimination. The seeds are still there. The desire is still there. It will sprout when the right environment is created.

Enlightenment means complete giving in to the rhythm of the universe. A total tuning in. Individual gratifications get converted into existence in a bliss state which means self-sufficiency. Externalization of the senses and mind will shift to internalization. The man achieves self-sufficiency within himself. Then it’s not giving up, but dropping off. Automatically, all that is unwanted in his sub-conscious gets burnt away or dropped off and that space becomes filled with bliss of cosmic consciousness. You can also call it blissful emptiness or supreme awareness.

In short, we cannot give up anything, unless that space gets filled with something higher in nature. Karma cannot be deleted unless fully exhausted. It must wear off. Enlightened Masters can definitely dilute one’s karmic trash. But, usually, they let the disciple walk the path, experience and exhaust. Otherwise, as long as desires exist, the need for gratification never leaves the sub-conscious.
Desires should be replaced with higher awareness. This means, when you got a bicycle, you lost the interest in your toy. When you got a motor cycle, you lost interest in your bicycle. Therefore, something higher replaces the seeming lower. In the case of spirituality, EXPERIENCE SHOULD REPLACE KNOWLEDGE. Then evolution happens. The higher the experiences, more will the lower drop off. The need for doing anything ritualistically will drop off and existence in bliss will provide tremendous strength and equanimity. You will not be affected by any regular storms of life.You will stay afloat in all conditions and turbulence.
God Bless All


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  1. Rahul,

    hi , dhriti, or who ever u r ? i like ur posts, i find ur blog,when i am searching something. d posts related to ayurveda, yoga,gaytri is very good

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