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I always believed that masters should set standards in morality. Sree Krishna is said to have had 16008 wives. Jesus is accused of having an affair with Mary Magdelene.  If he did like that, can we blame regular human beings like us having more than one wife?


HA HA. I liked this question very much. What an Idea!!! What an excuse!!! Let me explain.

Fundamental Mistakes in Understanding

Understanding a higher master and his actions using our limited capabilities of understanding is like a 5th class student trying to explain the books or syllabus of graduation classes. Enlightenment = Unlimitedness. Non-Enlightenment = Limitedness.

Every thought, word and action has a time, space, intellect, environment effect. If you do not understand that aspect, you will not understand the depth of that action or any action per se.

An enlightened master may do many things for the higher good, as he is not operating from the plane of mundane karma. He is operating from the plane of universal awareness where he could see the past, present and future in one platform. He will know the action as well as the consequences, just like we see the flowers blooming outside the window. His actions will always be for the general well-being of the masses. He  has no selfish interest. So, what about a Great Master like Krishna?

In many occassions, an enlightened master may use intoxication to dull his perpetual cosmic consciousness and bring himself to terrestrial awareness or body consciousness. If a disciple, who is only in the formation stage resorts to the same technique of using intoxication, he will never achieve enlightenment and will definitely become a drug addict. He may look like a master with his beard, matted hair and saffron robes, but will be far from the stature of his master.So, imitating a master before becoming a master is extremely dangerous, if your purpose is higher evolution. If the purpose is just to make a living and fool the relatively ignorant public, good enough, the attire will benefit to a great extent.

You can follow the guidance of the master, but, never imitate him, if you have not reached his stature.

Also understand that it’s not humanly possible to entertain 16008 wives!! HA HA. Many people cannot even live with one wife. So, how can someone live with 16008 wives? Isn’t it a bit too bizarre?

Coming to Krishna. How do you know that Krishna had 16008 wives and that this is true in its true sense? My understanding is as follows:

Krishna defeated a king and freed all the prisoners. There were several women too. If you want the exact head count, we can say – 16008 women. Some of them were very very old, and had spent many years in prison.

When Krishna released the prisoners, he told them: “You are free now. Go to your own homes and live in peace. If you encounter any problems or difficulties in the future, do let me know .”

They were happy and went back to their homes. The society did not welcome them. Their families were reluctant to accept them, as they believed that an ex convict at home could give the effect of ex-communication by the society. Their children may not get good spouse etc. The ex-prisoners were ex-communicated by the society.

In short, the ladies who were prisoners once were back in the streets begging for a living and the society shut their doors on them.

They went back to Krishna, requested His audience and said: “We were prisoners once. It was not an ideal situation to be in. Yet, we were getting three meals everyday. We had a shelter from sun and rain. Now we are even more miserable. We have no place to sleep and no food. None of our family members wants us back. Please put us back into the prison and save our lives.”

Krishna ordered them to be considered as Royal Wives and ordered a pension for all of them. Royal wives have some previleges, eligibilities and respectability. He sent everyone back with these previleges and they started living happily.

Society loves successful people, even if they are ex-convicts. Money matters and reputation can be re-created. Thus, these “16008 wives of Krishna” lived a majestic life as “Royal Wives”. This earned them respect in the society and the younger ones among them got proposals from eligible bachelors for their hand in marriage!!! All their reletives who are relatively inferior to them, as per their current position, started respecting them and considering them as an integral part of their family. Thus Lord Krishna bestowed them their respect and self-esteem. 

How is this? What do you think now? Krishna is being portrayed as a womaniser because every man is a womaniser atleast in his own mind, one way or the other. If the Lord represents that quality, it’s easy license for the devotees. The truth is different.I am not judging moralities here nor am I stating whether something is good or bad. This is upto the individual. There are no general thumb rules in the larger perspective. Please do ponder on this idea and see how you feel.Do not worry about Jesus and Mary Magdelene too. Jesus was mission-bound and, in a very short span of time that he had, he did his deed. Mary was his choicest disciple or devotee (on nursing and healing the karmic wounds basis) and Jesus empowered her with abilities of healing and grace. Limited minds cannot comprehend the higher love. We can only visualise carnal love, because our minds are in that peripheral.This is fine. Let’s be what we are. Then, we will be based on reality, and not on pretension. Being real is very important for higher evolution.God Bless AllLoveMohan


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