Veda Adhyayana Kendra


While generally browsing the internet for organizations that promote Sanskrit, I came across a wonderful organization called Veda Adhyana Kendra based in Bangalore that does commendable work in spreading awareness about our Vedic heritage. They also conduct lectures, lecture demonstrations, homas and cultural festivities related to the Vedas, Astrology, Yoga, Religion, Music and Philosophy.

The real treasure trove according to me is their publications section where their monthly newsletter Veda Nada Sarit is available to the general public absolutely free of cost. I went through some of the articles and was very impressed with the dedication and effort that they have put and compiled these writings. I express my heartfelt thanks to Dr.Prabhakar and his team for performing such selfless service of spreading Divine wisdom.

Veda Nada Sarit and Veda Ganga


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