Respect yourself

Q&A with Mohanji


Respect your constitution. This is fundamental. You are a unique being. There is nobody else like you,in exactly your vibratory level and constitution. Understand your own constitution in three levels. Physical, Emotional and Intellectual.

Physical – I am what I am. I cannot change into another’s shape and there is no need to change too. I am unique. This is the fundamental acceptance that we must create within ourselves. The height, color, shape, and all aspects of our physical constitution has been part of our agenda for this existence and in this life. We did not choose this consciously. Yet, all the variety of data that we fed into our own sub-conscious mind created this shape or physique. If you deny and are unhappy about your own physical form, you are denying your own creation. Whether you are beautiful or not-so-beautiful, whether you are tall or short, whether you are fat or slim, whether you are black or white. You are what you are. Accept what ever you are, as it is. There is nothing to compare with another. Comparisons are futile. Acceptance of your own physical constitution is the first step towards finding peace in this existence.

Emotional – Emotional constitution also is created by you. You are what you are. There are none exactly alike. There could be similar, but not alike. Accepting the emotional body as normal and accepting it as part of your constitution is essential too.If you cannot come into terms with the nature of your own emotions, peace will elude you. What ever your emotional nature is, accept it as it is. This is the way I am and I am happy with my way. The more you resist to your own inherent nature, you will suffer more.  In order to understand your emotional nature or your nature of emotions, you must observe your response patterns closely, over a period of time. The pattern in which you are responding in this world. An external observation by somebody else or external comments by someone will not help you here because they are given by another person, and hence could be biased. You must observe yourself. Recognize your own emotional patterns over time. Understand this is the way you are responding in this world.Accept that whole-heartedly, as gift of the Almighty. You will be peaceful. The observation of your own emotional pattern will also identify flaws in the pattern, such as lethargy, tendency to delay things, over reaction for the sake of protection, desire for attention and sympathy, anxieties, fears etc. Then it is easy to handle them and correct them in the future. If diagnosis is perfect, treatment is simple.

Intellectual – Right from childhood, a child is subject to comparisons on intellectual competency. The average child undergoes tremendous pressures that affects his self-esteem. Acceptance of intellectual levels, is fundamental. All are different. Variety is the core of the terrestrial existence. There are none higher or lower in any way. Flavours are different. Life patterns are different and so are lifestyles. We must accept our IQ level as it is and should never compare with another. Comparisons leads to agony and feeling of inadequacy. We always compare ourselves with someone who is relatively superior. This creates jealousy and unrest. Hence, it does not matter whether our intellectual capacity is the best. It only matters whether it is useful for your current existence. The current intellect that you possess is what you had demanded, when you came into this life, from the past life. So, after taking birth and after comparing a lot by yourself, your family members or even your teachers, if you come into a conclusion that this IQ level is inadequate, it only means that you are dissatsfied with yourself and in a way it is utter nonsense. You cannot move on that way. You have to understand that there is nothing to compare. Everyone has his inadequacies. Everyone is an individual with essentially unique constitution or pattern. You are simiiar. Just accept that. Be peaceful.

Finally, the set of impressions that created karma and that created a new life for you, are exclusively  your own. Nobody imposed anything on you. You were living a life, which had a set of relatives, a set of friends, a place of action and a physical, mental and intellectual constitution to facilitate your existence and actions. You lived that life and collected various impressions (just like you are doing now) and what ever you could not satisfactorily fulfil, you brought forward into a new life. The soul has been the same. The impressions were carried forward. The new pattern was created according to what you wanted to achieve or exhaust in this life. Accept that first before you attempt any changes. The events in your life were according to the available impressions in your sub-conscious mind, brought from your past lives. You could not see its existence, as data stored in your hard-drive stays invisible, unless brought to the screen of life. Hence you could not truly understand the pattern of events that happened in your life and why.  Every thought, word, or action had a root. They all were provoked by the inherent desires. Some are carried forward from other lives and some are acquired in this life.

All these are collectively called your personal constitution. Respect that constitution first. Observe it very closely as a witness. Understand yourself first and stop comparing with another. Once you start respecting and honoring your own constitution, there will not be any internal conflicts. Internally you will be at peace. External peace automatically happens.

Resistance to any aspects of yourself, will lead to agony and suffering. And you will not know the reason why you are suffering. Internal unrest will overflow as anger, jealousy and hatred. You will carve your own hell. You will suffer and many others will suffer. Hence, take the time and understand your own constitution. Respect it. Observe it closely and correct whet ever you want to correct, subtly and gradually.
God Bless All
Love and only Love


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