Why should we live in the present?

Q&A with Mohanji


Why do we think about the Past, Concerns about the future and forget to live in the Present ?
Thinking about the Past is not wrong since we have examples of how past information avoided world war 3. Concerns about the future is also not a sin because that may have an element of future goodness in that. But why and how we can live in the PRESENT? Every moment we live are connected by a past (GOOD OR BAD) which infact is not there, and a future which again we are not sure about. So what is PRESENT? Does it not have its own identity?

Thinking about the past is the nature of the conscious mind. It keeps oscillating between past and the future, refusing to stay in the present. This can be minimized only through awareness or witness consciousness. Being a witness to your own thought process will help in keeping the mind in the present. The usual reason for energy loss and resulting tiredness is the same thing. Mind uses much more energy than the body uses. It tires the man.

There is no absolute right or wrong. Mind constantly takes references from the past to handle the present. For example, a boy who slipped and fell in the rain, could always have that memory and related fear. Sometimes,a news paper report about an air crash could give an impact to the reader which could develop into the fear of flying. So, impressions that we store into our sub-conscious mind will cause us such realties. Taking reference from the past is being done, whether we like it or not. The only problem is carrying the garbage from the past and refusing to throw them away. Garbage need to be trashed. If not trashed, it affects the man. The guilt that we carry from the past is the problem. It is not a sin. Sins does not exist. If at all it exists, according to me, the biggest sin is not understanding your true nature could be considered as a sin; because one life time got wasted for nothing. Or one life time was spent in ignorance.

Past is dead. You cannot go back and change anything in the past. So, leave the dead. Future is still unborn. You have only the NOW, to perform. This is the Present, the gift, from relativity. When you sleep at night, there is no past, present or future. Its all one. So, past, present and future exists only during waking hours or conscious mind. Be aware of that. When you exist in the present, when your mind stays with your current activity, there is limited energy loss. It is very minimal. It helps save energy. Save Energy, Save life. It means, the lesser the energy you spend, more you have in your possession. This keeps you fresh. This is why people say, that if you love your profession and always feel inclined to go for work, without any other consideration or pressure, you will never be tired.

So, understand that nothing is a sin. Mind does oscillate between past and future. It also nurtures guilt from the past and fear.of the unknown or future, which saps away energy. It also creates tremendous anxiety. So, the remedy is in being in the present. Mind should be present with all activities. This saves energy and also saves you from guilt and fear. You need to practice this only during waking hours, because, while sleeping, anyway, the time does not exist for you. You have to wake up to be aware of the time.

God Bless All

Love and only Love




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4 responses to “Why should we live in the present?

  1. The Q&A posts with Mohanji are very intriguing and cogently explained…. who is he? Where is he? I would appreciate knowing… thanks!

  2. abc

    transcendental meditation can also help in attaining present consciousness

  3. Sebin Sebastian

    That feels much better after reading the arcticle. I’m very thankful to Mohanji.

  4. Pramod Saxena

    Present is more importent than future. Take the examples from Past and injoy Present, future will
    be bright.

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