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Who is a Rishi?

From Vedic-Wisdom Yahoo group, Written by PVR Narasimha Rao

Being a rishi is different from getting moksha. Let me elaborate using the same metaphor of acting in a drama.

A lot of actors (people) in a drama (samsara, i.e. world) take the drama too seriously, do not like what happens in the scene they act and try to change the script to enhance their role or make it look better. They do not realize that the director (supreme power running the universe) picked characters and scenes based on how one acted before (previous lives) and what suits one. They complain endlessly, not realizing the futility.

When people’s scenes end, they are sent out of the drama room (death). Being used to the drama so much, they want to come back and the director finds another role for them (rebirth).

When their scenes end, some people realize that it is just a drama and not real. They leave without any regret or a desire to come back. They do not act again (no rebirth) and they are free from the drama (moksha).

Some people realize while acting in their scene (when still alive) that it is just a drama and not real (jeevanmukti, liberation while alive). They go through the motions, finish their scene and leave the drama (leave body). They do not act after that (no rebirth) and they are free from the drama.

Now, there are some special people (rishis) who realize that the drama is not real and stop taking it seriously and yet are at the disposal of director *forever*. They never leave the drama and do whatever director wants them to do, without complaining and without any attitude. It is also because they understand the director fully and are in sync with the director.

They are free in the sense that they are not taking the drama seriously like other actors (unliberated people) and yet they have not left the drama (like liberated people)!

For them, there is no difference between Shiva (or Purusha) and Shakti (or Prakriti), i.e. non-dual Self and the field of duality are one and the same for them. They can act in the field of duality using an individualized consciousness and yet not trapped because they are in oneness with the non-dual Self at the same time. Rishis have perfect control over the field of duality, but the word “control” is not in an egoistic sense here. They have no ego. In terms of the metaphor, they are the trusted assistants of the director who are in perfect sync with the director and are fully empowered to do anything they want to do with the drama.

Thus, being a rishi is different from moksha.



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Sincere Prayer for humanity

Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavanthu

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Sri Chakra Darshana Trailer

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Notebooks of Paul Brunton

Link: Notebooks


One of the foremost Western disciples of Ramana Maharshi, Paul Brunton was a great writer, mystic and a philosopher. Perusing his notebooks show his profundity of thought on several mystical topics. Check it out.


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Adi Shankara – Incident with the untouchable

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On his way to the Vishwanath temple in Kashi, Adi Shankaracharya came upon an untouchable and his dog. When asked to move aside by Shankara’s disciples, the untouchable asked : “Do you wish that I move my soul, the atman and ever lasting, or this body made of clay?” Seeing the untouchable as none other than Lord Shiva, Shankara prostrated before Ishwara, composing five shlokas (Manisha Panchakam).

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Search in Secret India – Paul Brunton

This is the famous classic that has sold more than a quarter million copies. It is the story of this celebrated writer’s spiritual odysset, his journey up and down India to seek out and interview holy people. We meet such fascinating figures as Meher Baba – the silent messiah; Shri Shankara – the spiritual head of South India; Master Mahasaya; Sahabji Maharaj; Hazrat Babajan – a woman fakir; Vishudhananda – the magician and many others.

The reader will especially relish the account of how Paul Brunton met his own guru, Shri Ramana Maharshi, the sage of Arunachala. Because of this book, Ramana became well known within India and throughout the West. Today there are Ramanashrams all over the world. Students on any spiritual path will enjoy sharing this experience with Paul Brunton.

Another review by Shiva Bhaktha

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My living guru Ramana

Thanks to HarshaSatsangh and AcalaYoga

Full article here

There is nothing to do, nothing to seek. There is only false identification with limitation to discard and that is done by concentration on the eternal witness, the One behind all phenomena. Know who you are and there is no more to know.” (p. 261) And this is also the instruction revealed (above) to the young lad reading his first book on Yoga.

From Talks; p. 434:
D. : Sadguru is necessary to guide me to understand it.
M. : The Sadguru is within.
D. : I want a visible Guru.
M. : That visible Guru says that He is within.
D. : Can I throw myself at the mercy of the Sadguru?
M. : Yes. Instructions are necessary only so long as one has not surrendered oneself.

This is the Truth. Of that there is absolutely no doubt.

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