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Why should we live in the present?

Q&A with Mohanji


Why do we think about the Past, Concerns about the future and forget to live in the Present ?
Thinking about the Past is not wrong since we have examples of how past information avoided world war 3. Concerns about the future is also not a sin because that may have an element of future goodness in that. But why and how we can live in the PRESENT? Every moment we live are connected by a past (GOOD OR BAD) which infact is not there, and a future which again we are not sure about. So what is PRESENT? Does it not have its own identity?

Thinking about the past is the nature of the conscious mind. It keeps oscillating between past and the future, refusing to stay in the present. This can be minimized only through awareness or witness consciousness. Being a witness to your own thought process will help in keeping the mind in the present. The usual reason for energy loss and resulting tiredness is the same thing. Mind uses much more energy than the body uses. It tires the man.

There is no absolute right or wrong. Mind constantly takes references from the past to handle the present. For example, a boy who slipped and fell in the rain, could always have that memory and related fear. Sometimes,a news paper report about an air crash could give an impact to the reader which could develop into the fear of flying. So, impressions that we store into our sub-conscious mind will cause us such realties. Taking reference from the past is being done, whether we like it or not. The only problem is carrying the garbage from the past and refusing to throw them away. Garbage need to be trashed. If not trashed, it affects the man. The guilt that we carry from the past is the problem. It is not a sin. Sins does not exist. If at all it exists, according to me, the biggest sin is not understanding your true nature could be considered as a sin; because one life time got wasted for nothing. Or one life time was spent in ignorance.

Past is dead. You cannot go back and change anything in the past. So, leave the dead. Future is still unborn. You have only the NOW, to perform. This is the Present, the gift, from relativity. When you sleep at night, there is no past, present or future. Its all one. So, past, present and future exists only during waking hours or conscious mind. Be aware of that. When you exist in the present, when your mind stays with your current activity, there is limited energy loss. It is very minimal. It helps save energy. Save Energy, Save life. It means, the lesser the energy you spend, more you have in your possession. This keeps you fresh. This is why people say, that if you love your profession and always feel inclined to go for work, without any other consideration or pressure, you will never be tired.

So, understand that nothing is a sin. Mind does oscillate between past and future. It also nurtures guilt from the past and fear.of the unknown or future, which saps away energy. It also creates tremendous anxiety. So, the remedy is in being in the present. Mind should be present with all activities. This saves energy and also saves you from guilt and fear. You need to practice this only during waking hours, because, while sleeping, anyway, the time does not exist for you. You have to wake up to be aware of the time.

God Bless All

Love and only Love




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Bundle of complexes


I am a bundle of complexes. I do not know what can I give up and how, in order to unburden me and keep my spirituality in progress. Can you please guide?

Who is not a bundle of complexes? All humans are. So, do not worry about that. Being aware of the complexes itself is a big step towards spiritual awakening. How can you give up anything? By giving up there will be a vacuum. Hence giving up, deliberately is not a good idea. Moving on to something of higher, more satwic nature is better. Then, all what you want to give up, will drop off. This also applies to addictions. Forceful de-addictions without providing alternatives are not the right method. Diverting time onto more noble activities are the best way to move higher. When the lower automatically drops, its usually for good, unless, the vasana (inherent trait) for that particular activity has not yet died down completely. So, be happy that you have acquired awareness. Be happy that you have recognized your own nature. Now, start walking the path. Never stop to ponder, Walk with faith and determination. You will certainly reach your desired destination.

Is it true that Divine bodies or higher souls from other zones take birth on earth plane and get caught up in its birth and death cycle?

It is true. The reason is usually terrestrial relationship. Even though they are born objective,they will not be able to be objective always, in their chosen physical form. They become subjective and subjectivity sucks them to the quagmire of birth and death. Yet, their linkage to the higher will usually be strong. They would be very  intuitive. They would also be linked to their original plane of existence. Even their guardian angels will be watching over them. You can see them usually self-less and often a misfit in this society. They could also be made fools of or cheated by others. They spiritually evolve faster than the usual humans. They could also be seen changing paths effortlessly. They could drop everything and embark on a new thing without regrets or looking back. This shows their detachment to terrestrial matters.

There are masters taking birth for a few years. They would be distinctly different. You can see many terrestrial masters who walked the earth and currently walking the earth. They are genuinely high and they are never caught up in the usual birth – death cycle. Usually, when such high souls come to earth, many other souls also take bodies to aid them. Just like the entire army Rama including Hanumanji and Sugreeva, have all been great souls coinciding their terrestrial entry to aid an avatar.

Thus, there are many permutation combinations. It is advisable to not to get into intellectual stuff too much. Because, its very difficult to get out of intellectual comfort zone. We develop ego and pride. “A person who is proud of his intellect is like a prisoner who is proud of his prison cell.” – Said Fr.Anthony Demello.


Who is a sadguru?

The one who is like a road sign, who never expects anything from the user. The one who is like a flowing river, who nourishes the entire land unconditionally. Gives water to everyone, irrespective of his caste, creed or color. One who is like the rain, that showers his grace on all alike. One who leads a dispassionate existence, detached from the lures of the terrestrial world. One who does not glorify himself. One who maintains equanimity in happiness and sorrow. One who gives all that he has and never hoards anything. One who does not sow or reap, karmically. One who is above all emotions, but, feels for all. One who gives what each disciple needs, exactly according to the disciple’s capacity and requirement, expecting nothing out of him.

Sadguru is a state. Baba and Babaji are one. Krishna and Rama are one. Buddha and Jesus are one. Forms are plenty. Mind is the same. They appear time after time, to impart knowledge and guidance and depart as easily as they came. They never look back. Applause and brickbats are the same for them. They do their mission objectively.

God Bless All



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Meditation workshop – Dr.Srikanth Sola

Wonderful workshop on meditation by Dr.Srikanth Sola

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Movies this week

These are the movies that I saw this week.

Stephen Hawking’s Universe


  • Seeing is believing
  • The Big Bang
  • Cosmic Alchemy
  • On the Dark Side
  • Black Holes and Beyond
  • An Answer to Everything

Spiritual Healing with Howard Torman


Interviews with

  • Dr.Deepak Chopra
  • Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madronna
  • Dr.Kenneth Pelletier
  • Naomi Judd

Reviews the current state of research in spirituality and healing.

Mystic Lands – Peru & Egypt


Peru – The Kingdom in the clouds. Discover the secrets of an ancient nation among the ruins of Machu Picchu, and observe Inca ceremonies that link present and past and provide insights into their beliefs and culture.

Egypt – Cycle of Life. Withink lavish tombs buried beneath the desert, discover ancient secrets of a great civilization and the pharoah’s quest for immortality.

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By Mrs. Mallika Srinivasan

Mrs. Mallika Srinivasan is the CEO of TAFE [Tractors and Farm Equipment] and is one of the most successful women CEOs in India having transformed TAFE from a 80-crore company to a 2500-crore market leader. She was awarded the Business Woman of the Year Award by the BBC, UK in 1999 and the Economic Times Business Woman of the Year in 2006. Engaged in many social service activities, she is also an active participant in the Mother and Child Care programme undertaken by the Easwaramma Women’s Welfare Trust. This is the transcript of the talk she delivered to the delegates of the Sri Sathya Sai World Youth Conference during a workshop session in Prasanthi Nilayam on July 26, 2007.

Mallika Srinivasan: I offer my most loving and humble pranams at the lotus feet of our Beloved Bhagavan. Respected elders, Sai youth, brothers and sisters, Sairam to all of you.

“Watch, observe, obey, learn and apply”


Each one of us gathered here today is truly blessed, enjoying and basking as we do in Bhagavan’s Protection, Grace and Love. To my family, as to all of you, Sathya Sai Baba has been the very centre of existence – mother, father, guru and God. All of you as Sai Youth are exceptionally privileged.

For unlike people like myself, who went through a process that began with magnetic attraction, led to intellectual curiosity, and perhaps a degree of scepticism before the spark of devotion could be lit, leading to faith and finally to total surrender, you have been brought into Swami’s fold at a time when your heart is open to receive His love instantly. Youth take to Swami like fish to water.

It is the determination of Swami to sow in the minds of young people which are like rays of the rising sun, the seeds of desire for acquiring spiritual knowledge. These seeds have already been sown in the Sai Youth gathered here today. The distinguishing feature of Sai Youth is that material gains are not the sole goal of your lives. You seek to lead holistic lives, yearn to achieve a larger purpose and strive to be better human beings.

Living in the presence of Bhagavan offers us the very best opportunity to achieve this. Swami teaches us in a variety of ways through His compassion, through disciplining, through His interactions, through the formal teaching like we had this morning, and at times through direct advice: “Watch, observe, learn, obey and apply.” Then, we will begin to comprehend the essence of what is required for a successful life, i.e., the building of character. Devotion, Duty, Discipline, Determination and Discrimination are the pillars on which the robust house of character is built. These are the few things I would like to touch upon today.

The Charismatic Charioteer
Devotion to God is fundamental to leading a virtuous life. Swami, through His Divine Love and in His own inimitable way, evokes in each of our hearts, this devotion and builds our faith. I would like to share with you, one such instance, when Swami through a simple and appealing example captured the heart of a young boy in an instant, making him a devotee for life!

During an interview, Swami asked our young son to ask Him a question.

The boy said, “Swami, which is your favourite car?”

My heart sank and I thought to myself, “Is this the question to ask Swami? Time with Swami is so precious!”

Swami gave a lovely smile and answered, “Morris Minor” and went on to tell stories of how He used to drive to Madras and how He obtained a license.

“You used to drive it yourself Swami?” Exclaimed the boy, stars in His eyes!

Swami had woven a bit of magic and our son looked at Swami transfixed.

Swami went on to say, “I will give you a big car. Will you take it? You mustn’t say no!”

And the boy, a bit overawed by now, said, “OK!”

Swami then asked, “Will you give me your car?”

Prompt came the answer, “Sure Swami!”

“Shall I drive it?”

And the boy again said, “Sure, Swami.”

Swami then smilingly placed His hand on our son’s heart and said, “Your heart is the car and I am the driver.”

One of the most profound lessons in devotion had been taught by Swami in the simplest possible manner! Swami says, “Have faith in Him” and “Be free from fear, anxiety and agitation. Surrender to God; His Grace can save you. His wisdom can enlighten you. His power can overcome all obstacles. Faith and surrender are the manifestations of devotion.”

The Right Attitude
Duty without expectation of reward is the essence of the Bhagavad Gita. Let us cast a glimpse of what is actually happening around us in the world today, especially in the lives of younger people. There is, if you permit me to say, an obsession with being remunerated; with obtaining greater and greater power and authority. There is a constant measurement of work versus reward and a continuous comparison with other family members, friends, colleagues and peers. Opportunities and temptations abound in a growing economy and this is fuelling these trends.

Frequency of job change has reached new heights and as the search continues for something elusive, our inner peace is destroyed. If, on the other hand, we enjoy doing what we are doing, do our very best, excel at it, going beyond what is commonly termed “the call of duty,” do our tasks with devotion and love, without fear of failure, leaving the rewards to Swami, not only will we achieve inner peace, but we will exceed our own expectations of performance.

Surrender, the Best Strategy!
In our professional lives, we may have the illusion that we control outcomes. That it is only an illusion becomes quite clear, when we are faced with a personal crisis.

For example, let us take the illness of a loved one. My mother, a very healthy person, was recently diagnosed with having an ailment, for which the prognosis was indeed poor. Only God could save her. It is in situations like this, that faith and surrender make us witness Swami’s magic. His Grace fills us with a sense of calm. He directs and guides us to do our duty taking appropriate decisions and leaving the rest to Him.

It was raining heavily and the hospital room began to leak. And a fungus infection would be disastrous for my mother. The Hospital administration and doctors out of concern were urging me to move her immediately to another Hospital where the care would not be of the same order, but the room would not leak. We seemed to be moving her for all the wrong reasons. Couldn’t we move her to the smaller room or to the intensive care? A quiet prayer to Swami seeking His guidance and the answer was clear. “Do not move her.”

It is Bhagavan’s infinite grace that she is today completely well, truly Swami’s walking miracle. Faith enables us to carry out our duties calmly, even under extraordinarily extenuating circumstances, surrendering the problem at His feet. Our duty, however, extends beyond our jobs and serving our families to serving humanity at large.

Inspiring Examples
Speaking at the Harvard Commencement in June 2007, Bill Gates said:

“When you consider what those of us here have been given in talent, privilege and opportunity, there is almost no limit to what the world has a right to expect from us.”

We gathered here today, are even more privileged than those in Harvard. For, we have in our midst, Bhagavan, to teach and guide us as we strive to give back to society, what society has given to us! “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give,” said Winston Churchill.

While our ancient texts have laid down the way wealth should be distributed, a quarter for personal use, a quarter for charitable purposes, a quarter on other living beings, and a quarter in support of state, even in this materialistic world, there are a handful of the richest of men, who have set outstanding examples of giving back to serve the larger cause of humanity. Many of you would probably have read Warren Buffet’s recent announcement that he would donate 85% of his 44 billion dollar empire to charity to serve communities across the world and most importantly, without heed to religion, caste or community.

Inspired by such examples, Sai Youth, having imbibed Swami’s teachings of “Service to man is service to God” can play a prominent role in the establishment of a new world order. Participating actively in Swami’s Seva Organization and programs, be they providing water, food or medical care, gives Sai Youth a unique opportunity to serve with love under Divine Guidance.

How Can ‘I’ Start Service?
Opportunities to serve are everywhere; one does not have to search for them. They are in your neighbourhood and in your work place. As Swami says, you may not get a chance to participate in some gigantic scheme of service through which millions may be benefited, but you can lift a lame lamb over the side, or lead a blind child across a busy road. That too is an act of worship. If you look around you with love, service to others will come spontaneously and become an intrinsic part of our daily lives.

In the words of Bhagavan, the real value of seva and its most visible result is that it transforms and reshapes you. Devotion must be directed along the lines of duty and tested in the crucible of discipline, says Bhagavan.

Discipline – Indispensable for Success
“Why do we need discipline?” Swami’s analogy comparing life to a football game, gives us the answer. If any player can do anything with the ball, and there is neither foul nor out, neither offside nor goal, neither throw nor penalty, then it be a meaningless game incapable of giving joy. It is these rules and restrictions that give charm to the game of life. It is disciplined societies that emerge victorious.

Japan was decimated during World War II and Korea sank into poverty after the Korean War. It is discipline that has enabled the resurgence of both Japan and South Korea that has enabled both these countries and propelled them into being economic power houses. Discipline pervades every aspect of life in their society. Their daily routine, their work habits, their interaction with each other, and everything is done in a particular way at a particular time and with no deviations. In Japan, even the tea ceremony is a much disciplined affair. Quality, efficiency and excellence in everything they do are the hallmarks of these societies. It is individual discipline that translates into this kind of societal discipline and ensures success.

While discipline is a prerequisite in every endeavour, be it social, economic or material, it is even more vital for Sai youth aspiring to pursue the spiritual path. Swami expects the highest levels of discipline from his students and the youth, for it is this discipline that builds credibility, the foundation stone for leadership.

When a new employee joins a firm, both his seniors and his subordinates are watching him closely. Does he come to work on time? Does he do what he says he will? Does he deliver his assigned tasks on schedule? Is there unison in what he thinks, says and does? Is he willing to shoulder additional responsibilities? No one can succeed in his or her mission alone, and success depends upon the support we are able to garner from others and this support is garnered only through credibility established by the practice of personal discipline. People may not believe what you say. But they will surely believe what they see you do. Emerson, the American author had this to say. “What you are shouts so loudly in my ears that I cannot hear what you say.” It is character that communicates most eloquently.

Discrimination – The Most Vital Tenet
All of you gathered here are aspiring to be leaders in your own respective spheres of life. Besides demonstration by personal example, two key differentiators between leaders and others are determination and what Swami referred to this morning in His inaugural address as “The Power of Discrimination.”

Determination is widely acclaimed as the king of faculties and as the one that succeeds when everything else fails. Nothing can take the place of persistence. Talent will not. Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with great talent. Genius will not. Nothing is more common than unrewarded genius! It is now almost like a proverb. Education will not. The world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

A distinction however may be made, between determination and obstinacy. An obstinate man is not open to suggestions and course corrections become impossible. In sharp contrast, a determined man has a flexible approach, keeps his eye on the goal post and freely takes inputs that help to further progress towards the goal. Obstinate people are filled with ego. Determination without a trace of ego or self-interest empowers the individual with a sharper sense of discrimination.

Discrimination is the ability to distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong, and take the correct decision, given a specific set of circumstances. What is right in one situation may not be right in another and leaders are often faced with difficult choices. But in every situation, discrimination implies applying the principle of dharma, the righteousness that upholds the universe.

A couple of examples. Each one of us has different roles that we play in life. The father at home is many times the boss at work, be it a small, medium, or large business. The factors that he takes when taking a decision vis-à-vis his son in his role as a father will be distinctively different from those that he uses when taking decisions at the work place. At the work place, he cannot take decisions based only on his son’s individual interest. For, these affect the larger good of the Organization. Therefore, necessarily, it has to be above self-interest. He needs to give up on mine and thine.

Hitler was a determined man. Why was he destroyed? His determination was filled with ego and megalomaniac tendencies. The larger good was not in sight. He lost his discrimination for his decisions were not based on the principles of Dharma.

While the Dharma for each person may be different, depending upon the role he plays, the basic principles of dharma, based on which discrimination is applied remain unchanged, namely, truth, love, fortitude and non-violence. These are the cornerstones of the practice of Dharma and upholding Dharma is the insignia of a true leader.

When there is Dharma, there is victory. And the protector of Dharma, will always be protected by Bhagavan. Devotion, Duty, Discipline, Determination and Discrimination are integral parts of the whole and need to come together in perfect balance to form the character of an ideal Sai Youth.

Each of these attributes cannot be viewed in isolation and when closely intertwined, make for a successful and holistic life. All of you, young delegates are filled with idealism, dreams and aspirations. In conclusion, I would like to share with you the words of Swami, that to me have been through the years, a joyous source of inspiration.

“Life is a Game, Play It! Life is a Challenge, Meet it! Life is Love, Enjoy it! Life is a Dream, Realize it!”

Jai Sri Sai Ram!

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How to end Corruption?

Creating a Stress-Free Mind and a Violence-Free World – Antidote to Corruption


The big C of corruption can be countered by five more Cs!

The first is the sense of connectedness. A lack of connectedness or sense of belongingness breeds corruption in society. That is why, often you see people looking for connections in order to avoid corruption! A sense of belongingness among people can root out corruption.  That is why corruption is lowest at the village level. Corruption is much more in urban areas because there is no community sense there no belongingness.

The second C is courage. A lack of self-esteem or confidence in one’s own ability is one of the causes of corruption. It is fear, or insecurity in a person that makes him become more corrupt. He then tries to find his security only through money, which doesn’t really happen. The more money he acquires, the insecurity doesn’t disappear. In fact, he becomes more afraid and more fearful because the money is not earned in a right manner.

The third is an understanding of cosmology – looking at one’s own life in the context of extended space and time. Just take a look at our own life. How long is it? Only 80-100 years! See life in the context of the huge dimension of time. Billions of years have passed since the creation. Our creation, as scientists say, is 50 billion years old. And everything in this creation is recycled. The air we breathe is old, every cell in our body, every atom is old, the oxygen and hydrogen is old! And this will continue. Seeing life from a different perspective of space and time is what will deepen one’s vision about one’s life.

The fourth C is care and compassion. Care and compassion in society can bring dedication. It is the lack of dedication that causes corruption. The sense of care and feeling that it doesn’t matter even if I don’t have; somebody needs this more. That care and compassion can root out corruption.

The last one I would like to emphasise is a sense of commitment – commitment to contribution. When a person has a goal, a commitment to a higher cause in life, it brings a shift from gaining to giving. In society, if everyone keeps thinking, “What can I gain?” rather than “What can I contribute”, then corruption cannot be rooted out. In society, we need to have this shift in our attitude, from “What can I gain?” to “What can I contribute?”

But all this is not possible without spiritual upliftment and a sense of belongingness with the whole world. Today the globe has become a village. We have globalised everything other than wisdom. And that is one of the causes of
terrorism and unrest in the world today. We accept food from every part of the world, we accept music from every part of the world, but when it comes to wisdom, people seem to shy away. A sense of belongingness with the whole world is what we are talking about today. Even if one pocket in the world remains ignorant of these shared values, the world will not be a safe place. So we need to address these issues with a lot of patience. It is not a job that can be done overnight, but through education and creating that sense of community, through inspiration and example.


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Respect yourself

Q&A with Mohanji


Respect your constitution. This is fundamental. You are a unique being. There is nobody else like you,in exactly your vibratory level and constitution. Understand your own constitution in three levels. Physical, Emotional and Intellectual.

Physical – I am what I am. I cannot change into another’s shape and there is no need to change too. I am unique. This is the fundamental acceptance that we must create within ourselves. The height, color, shape, and all aspects of our physical constitution has been part of our agenda for this existence and in this life. We did not choose this consciously. Yet, all the variety of data that we fed into our own sub-conscious mind created this shape or physique. If you deny and are unhappy about your own physical form, you are denying your own creation. Whether you are beautiful or not-so-beautiful, whether you are tall or short, whether you are fat or slim, whether you are black or white. You are what you are. Accept what ever you are, as it is. There is nothing to compare with another. Comparisons are futile. Acceptance of your own physical constitution is the first step towards finding peace in this existence.

Emotional – Emotional constitution also is created by you. You are what you are. There are none exactly alike. There could be similar, but not alike. Accepting the emotional body as normal and accepting it as part of your constitution is essential too.If you cannot come into terms with the nature of your own emotions, peace will elude you. What ever your emotional nature is, accept it as it is. This is the way I am and I am happy with my way. The more you resist to your own inherent nature, you will suffer more.  In order to understand your emotional nature or your nature of emotions, you must observe your response patterns closely, over a period of time. The pattern in which you are responding in this world. An external observation by somebody else or external comments by someone will not help you here because they are given by another person, and hence could be biased. You must observe yourself. Recognize your own emotional patterns over time. Understand this is the way you are responding in this world.Accept that whole-heartedly, as gift of the Almighty. You will be peaceful. The observation of your own emotional pattern will also identify flaws in the pattern, such as lethargy, tendency to delay things, over reaction for the sake of protection, desire for attention and sympathy, anxieties, fears etc. Then it is easy to handle them and correct them in the future. If diagnosis is perfect, treatment is simple.

Intellectual – Right from childhood, a child is subject to comparisons on intellectual competency. The average child undergoes tremendous pressures that affects his self-esteem. Acceptance of intellectual levels, is fundamental. All are different. Variety is the core of the terrestrial existence. There are none higher or lower in any way. Flavours are different. Life patterns are different and so are lifestyles. We must accept our IQ level as it is and should never compare with another. Comparisons leads to agony and feeling of inadequacy. We always compare ourselves with someone who is relatively superior. This creates jealousy and unrest. Hence, it does not matter whether our intellectual capacity is the best. It only matters whether it is useful for your current existence. The current intellect that you possess is what you had demanded, when you came into this life, from the past life. So, after taking birth and after comparing a lot by yourself, your family members or even your teachers, if you come into a conclusion that this IQ level is inadequate, it only means that you are dissatsfied with yourself and in a way it is utter nonsense. You cannot move on that way. You have to understand that there is nothing to compare. Everyone has his inadequacies. Everyone is an individual with essentially unique constitution or pattern. You are simiiar. Just accept that. Be peaceful.

Finally, the set of impressions that created karma and that created a new life for you, are exclusively  your own. Nobody imposed anything on you. You were living a life, which had a set of relatives, a set of friends, a place of action and a physical, mental and intellectual constitution to facilitate your existence and actions. You lived that life and collected various impressions (just like you are doing now) and what ever you could not satisfactorily fulfil, you brought forward into a new life. The soul has been the same. The impressions were carried forward. The new pattern was created according to what you wanted to achieve or exhaust in this life. Accept that first before you attempt any changes. The events in your life were according to the available impressions in your sub-conscious mind, brought from your past lives. You could not see its existence, as data stored in your hard-drive stays invisible, unless brought to the screen of life. Hence you could not truly understand the pattern of events that happened in your life and why.  Every thought, word, or action had a root. They all were provoked by the inherent desires. Some are carried forward from other lives and some are acquired in this life.

All these are collectively called your personal constitution. Respect that constitution first. Observe it very closely as a witness. Understand yourself first and stop comparing with another. Once you start respecting and honoring your own constitution, there will not be any internal conflicts. Internally you will be at peace. External peace automatically happens.

Resistance to any aspects of yourself, will lead to agony and suffering. And you will not know the reason why you are suffering. Internal unrest will overflow as anger, jealousy and hatred. You will carve your own hell. You will suffer and many others will suffer. Hence, take the time and understand your own constitution. Respect it. Observe it closely and correct whet ever you want to correct, subtly and gradually.
God Bless All
Love and only Love

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